Russia: Hyojeong CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On December 21-22, the Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Hyojeong CheonBo Russia Special Event was successfully held at FFWPU Russia headquarters in Moscow with a total of 715 participants.

On the first day, the opening ceremony was held, hosted by Moscow Community Leader Alexandr Timofeev, and a CheonBo Special Lecture 1 was conducted by a lecturer, Tibor Krebs from the Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Branch Training Center. Then chanyang session was held with great enthusiasm from the participants. After that, a CheonBo Special Lecture 2 was given by Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Branch Training Center President In-pyo Moon.

On the second day, chanyang, Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, the Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop, the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony, and the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony and Spirit World and Physical World Blessing Ceremonies were held. After that, the bequeathing of the Candle for Seonghwa Second Generation and an explanation to start a Spirit World Physical World Family were also held. Lastly a celebration party was held to finalize the event amid loud cheers and applause from the participants.

We would like to introduce some of the testimonies of the participants who experienced grace.


Anonymous M 45: During the ancestors liberation ceremony I was liberating my teacher who was single, never married for her whole life and devoted her life to school fully. During that ceremony I thought about her and it was like I transferred inside  into her and felt everything what she felt when she had died and went to spirit world as if I was her. So I was in total darkness and only ringing silence was so strong that I hardly could bear it. It seemed that it would last forever like that. But suddenly I heard some music. Somewhere far away I saw the light. Closing  to that light I saw a lot of people who were shining and were clapping with their hands. Everybody was looking into the direction of the bright light. Next I was surrounded by that people. (During all this time I was like looking through my teachers’ eyes and felt her feelings) Then I was already out of her and could see her from my side. She turned to me and I saw that she was smiling.

Anonymous M 35: Many things in this my reflection is special because it all came from my deep feelings not from understanding by mind. I felt that. I consider that the most of my experiences happened on the first day. While watching the video describing the growing Peace village I felt that like most of people I had overslept my own future. In 7 years after the Foundation Day True Mother could build the center of history and from that point the energy of the future would spread throughout the world. It will start exactly from there because in that place there is everything humanity had ever dreamed of: spirituality, entertainment, beauty of nature, ideal local management, sport, libraries, medicine, IT and innovation center, life maintaining infrastructure, education, culture centers, system of hospitality and hotels and so on. Everything that is necessary for original people and families.

Anonymous F 40: On the second day of Chyanyang session I decided to close my eyes  and  focus on my internal feelings of being here. After some time I felt that  I wanted to hit myself precisely on my chest under the neck and higher than heart. So I started to do for rather long time. And I started to ask question: – “Why here? It might be the area of feelings and emotions.” And the answer came to me: – “Yes, this is the area where the task that you need to do first of all was located.” – And what is that?”- I asked. – “Resentment?”- “Not  exactly.” I searched and searched and finally found: “Conviction”. That was the thing that had prevented God’s love from manifesting fully in my life! I continued to hit in that part and felt more and more clearly that this was true. This understanding naturally came to me. This is already the second time when during the Chanyang session I get the answers on my internal  questions  right away!

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