Russia: FFWPU Members Cooperate with Russian Village

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

Family Federation members in Russia’s St. Petersburg Region worked together with the leaders of a rural settlement to hold a holiday celebration.

It all started when local Family Federation coordinators Nikolai and Natalya Chuistov met in October with the leaders of the Melegezhsky rural settlement administration in Tikhvinsky District. The roundtable was attended by the leaders and staff of the local school and the local center of culture and recreation.

The first project on which they agreed to cooperate was organizing and conducting a village celebration of Mother’s Day, which in Russia is celebrated on the last Sunday of November.

The celebration was held in House of Culture of the village of Melegezhskaya Gorka on November 24, 2019.

At the beginning of the celebration, a club employee conducted a contest called “Mom and Daughter.” Initially three pairs were announced, but one pair became sick.

After the head of Melegezhskaya Gorka congratulated the mothers, Oleg Kuzmin, the leader of Family Federation for Northwest Russia, spoke on the topic “Family Is the School of Love.” In his presentation he emphasized the current situation in Russia with regard to family values.

Nikolai and Natalya Chuistov held a ceremony for four couples in which they renewed their conjugal vows. The husbands and wives recited from the stage the vows of love and fidelity before all who gathered. Thus, feeling more deeply that they are two inextricable halves of one whole, they took a step to forgive mutual grievances.

Maxim Semenov, a Family Federation activist, organized a photo shoot and conducted a win- win lottery for the couples.

The “Renaissance” ensemble of ancient ballroom dance was the real gem of the holiday. Polkas, waltzes, a minuet, beautiful ladies in elegant dresses, elegant gentlemen in tailcoats—for a long time the hall of the House of Culture had not seen such magnificence!

Amazingly, there wasn’t enough room in the recreation center for those who wanted to see the concert! Even when all the chairs and benches from the lobby were brought into the hall, several people still had to watch while standing.

The head of the Melegezhsky rural settlement administration and the head of the village of Melegezhskaya Gorka thanked the representatives of the Family Federation and invited them to hold another event—a meeting with senior-class students on the topic of moral education.

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