Russia: “Families of the World” Blessing Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

FFWPU members from Russia’s Ural region held a marriage renewal ceremony during a festival for couples of different nationalities.

The International Union of Diasporas, a regional public organization in the Sverdlovsk Oblast (region), held the “Families of the World” festival on December 14, 2019, at the Marins Park Hotel in the city of Yekaterinburg. The festival promotes traditional strong families and family values in all aspects.

Sixteen couples attended the marriage renewal ceremony held by FFWPU during the festival. In addition, FFWPU organized a concert, a lecture on the importance of family and marriage, an exhibition-fair, contests with prizes, a professional photo shoot, a master class on making Japanese New Year toys, and a tea party with traditional dishes of Russia’s Caucasus region: pilaf, pies and khinkali.

All the festival participants had the chance to tell their family story and show their talents. The atmosphere was very warm and truly felt like a family. The unifying theme of the participating national cultures was the family and parent-child relations. Both longtime married couples and young couples attended the event.

The heads of national diasporas who spoke at the festival expressed their respect for married couples. They urged the married couples to deeply feel themselves part of history and to feel pride in their families for contributing to the common cause of forming the right attitude to the family, its customs and traditions, parents and relatives.

Great contributions to the success of the festival were made by Bakyt S. Iskalieva, representing the Ural-Uzbekistan Friendship Society; Magomed A. Magomedov, the leader of the Dagestan Autonomous Diaspora, and his wife, Patimat; Oksana A. Khramtsova, head of the Chuvash

Autonomy; the Entesh folk group from Yekaterinburg, representing the Chuvash national culture; and the writer Arsen B. Titov.

A total of 72 persons attended the gala event, and this undoubtedly confirmed the relevance of the festival theme.

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