Russia: Blessing Held in Bashkortostan Village

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

A Happy Families Festival was held in the village of Verkhneyarkeyevo in Ilishevsky District of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan on November 8, 2019..

Nine local couples received the Blessing, with eight of them completing three stages.

The festival was held in the “Family” social service agency on November 8 in connection to the Russian national holiday Unity Day. Our members invited couples of different nationalities who live in that area.

The head of the “Family” service delivered a welcoming speech. Then director of the Ilishevsky District registry office took the floor. The FFWPU leader for the Ural-Siberian region, Andrey Burashnov, came from Yekaterinburg and gave a presentation on the importance of family and marriage.

The festival guests enjoyed the warm and cordial atmosphere; people gradually relaxed, and in the end everyone was communicating warmly with each other. All liked the performance of the couple to whom we awarded the “Model Family” diploma, as well as their interesting and sincere story about their family.

This time we had only one performance and four competitions. The psychologist of the “Family” service tested the couples on the “Five Languages of Love.”

At the end there was a buffet table and tea party with a cake baked by the Ilishkhleb company, which sponsored the festival. Participants of the festival and employees of the “Family” service were very happy. We are grateful to God, True Parents and all brothers and sisters for their assistance and support.

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