Romania: Open Hoon Dok Hwe Event

Prepared by FFWPU Romania

A recent Open Hoon Dok Hwe Event that was held in Bucharest, Romania, on November 29 had as its subject “Thinking about Parental Love.” The participants read aloud a section of True Father’s autobiography about parents’ love and discussed their inspirations.

The program started with each person introducing themselves. Then they read together True Father’s words. Afterward they made pairs to discuss two questions: “What is parental love?” and “What is an experience that you have had of parental love?”

All the participants were inspired by True Father’s words, especially “The basis of love is the heart that sacrifices everything for the sake of the other. The reason parental love is true love is that parents are willing to give everything to their children, and when they have given everything, they want to give more.” Through these words the participants felt the  greatness of parental heart and love.

This time a blessed couple who recently became parents participated with their baby. Another of the guests was the mother of a son. From their testimonies the participants could understand the feelings and experiences of being parents. It was very precious for young people who want to make a family in the future.

In addition, the participants all felt a heart of gratitude toward their parents who have loved and sacrificed for their children. In the end everyone promised to telephone or text their parents to express their gratitude and love!

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