Romania: Discovering Japanese Culture

Prepared by FFWPU Romania

Our 3 Japanese cheon il gug missionaries organized ‘Japanese Culture Night’ on December 6, 2019. It was such a beautiful time together with our new guests to share about Japanese culture and play game together as family.

This event preparation started since 1 month ago. Our motivation and purpose was to share the principle and life lessons which in the behind of Japanese culture for Romanian young people. And we prepared presentation with meaning and lesson from Japanese folk story and tradition in New Year’s celebration.

All the participants enjoyed listening the presentation. In the end of presentation, they explained about Japanese traditional game ‘Fukuwarai’ and we made 4 groups to try to play together. This traditional game started with one proverb ‘Fortune comes to the laughing gate’. So Japanese people play this game in order to laugh together to bring fortune to their home in the New Year’s Day. So player with blind-holder will put the face parts to the blank face. And others will guide him or her to put all the parts on the right places. But usually the face becomes very funny so this game brings a lot of laughter. All the participants also enjoyed with a lot of laughing.

It was beautiful experiences for all the participants to understand the life principle which are in the behind of culture and importance of sharing positive time together as family. We are sure that all the Romanian young people who participated this event could feel the meaning of life and they can remember for their life. We will continue with our activities and keep encourage Romanian young people to see the value in their life!

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