Romania: CARP Holds Two-Day DP Workshop

Prepared by CARP Romania

We would like to offer this report with our heart of gratitude for Heavenly Parent and True Parents! Romania CARP organized its first two-day Divine Principle workshop of this semester on November 9 and 10. There was very warm autumn weather for the entire two days, and we felt the warm love of Heavenly Parent.

The workshop started with the lectures “Introduction to Divine Principle” and “Principle of Creation,” given by our national leader, Mr. Bong Moon Jeong. All the participants were inspired by the Divine Principle, which can guide us to a life in which we are happy and feel the value of our existence. Through the lectures we strongly felt that we are the children of Heavenly Parent and we understood His clear plan and Will for us.

After lunch we organized team-building activities, making two teams. The first activity was “Making a blanket with autumn leaves.” Each team collected beautifully colored leaves and connected them to make a blanket. Each team tried to work together and support each other, and we enjoyed the beautiful autumn together. The second activity was “Express with your body.” We needed to explain words which were given by the emcee to the team members without speaking them. It was a really interesting time together.

Our schedule continued with the lecture “The Human Fall: Root of Sin,” and after dinner we had “DP give-and-take,” in which we tried to answer questions given by the lecturer, using our understanding of Divine Principle. It was an intense but meaningful time in which to discuss Divine Principle topics more deeply.

On the second day we started our day together with morning exercise and Hoon Dok Hwe. We read from Cheon Seong Gyeong about our way of life, and we discussed the questions “What is the motivation and purpose of your life?” and “What is the true motivation and purpose of life?” It was a deep discussion, with the participants speaking about their lives, and we all felt that without God, motivation and purpose of life cannot have meaning. We need to find the motivation and purpose of our life through His Heart and Principle.

The schedule continued with the lectures “Consequences of the Human Fall,” “Principle of Restoration” and “Christology and the Messiah.” Through these lectures we could understand clearly that we need the Messiah and that, in order to meet the Messiah, we need to make a foundation through faith and removing our fallen natures.

We concluded our workshop by writing reflections. We all received spiritual power and hope for our lives. We are grateful to study Divine Principle with new Romanian guests and CARP members. We felt a lot of hope from Romanian young people. We will continue these activities in order to give this opportunity to more people.


(21 years old): I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me in this house. I felt safe and loved, really like a sister. I found the workshop very mind-opening and interesting. I learned a lot in just a few hours, and I am really grateful for this. It was a pleasure listening to Mr. Jeong explain logically why and how God created us and the Divine Principle that should guide our  life. Now I have a lot of things to reflect about, and it is important to start. It was a good use of my time, and I feel more valuable. Thank you.

(20 years old): For me, the main point of this workshop was about my purpose and motivation, because sometimes I give up and ignore my conscience. But this time I want to see my purpose more clearly through my motivation. I really want and hope to aply this Principle in my life.

(17 years old): I am glad that through this workshop and CARP activities I can help other people and make them happy and that at the same time I can discover my purpose in life and my potential. Of course, I still have a long way to go, but with faith and other people’s help and support, I can reach my full potential and live according to the Principle.

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