Personal Time with True Father

Father (center) shows the trainees’ catch with (I.-r.) David Dilg (Delaware V.c.), Howard Self (ACC Minnesota), Jose Ferrete (Florida V.c.), Matthew Morrison (ACC Washington), John Dickson (ACC Oregon), Jun Soo Kim (education leader Korea), Michael Faris (ACC Tennessee), John Doroski (ACC New York), Toshihisa Inoue (Kodiak).

By John Doroski

This reflection is drawn from Mr. Doroski’s personal testimony of his experience with True Father at an October 1992 fishing workshop in Kodiak, Alaska.

This has begun a journey to total mind-body unity and infinite joy and harmony in my marriage. Through we slept for only two hours, both enduring and enjoying the cold and rough seas, or patiently casting our fishing lines upon the streams for hours, we were trained to go beyond previous self-concepts in order to make a substantial new beginning.

True Parents’ intimate love and concern

The intimate love and concern we witnessed between Father and Mother communicating over the speaker phone minutes before and seconds after Mother’s speeches in Japan caused all of us to long to achieve such a relationship with our spouse. The first three nights, while we were having supper, a call was placed to Japan and we could hear Father’s words of encouragement and love to Mother and then Mother’s entire speech. Our workshop connected us with Father at a very special time, for he was very happy with Mother’s victory and showered us with his unending love.

Just to be fishing with Father has transformed my life, because over the twelve years that I was a foreign missionary my heart envied those back in America that got to fish with our True Parents. Actually, I came to love and know Heavenly Father through the years spent on and around His beautiful seas. My whole childhood was spent fishing off Long Island with my own father, and this fishing trip was integral to my inheriting a deeper father-son relationship with our True Father. On the fifth day, my team fished with Father. I realized then that many of the places we had been fishing were Father’s special fishing spots that he was sharing with us.

Personal questions answered

I was overcome with the beauty surrounding us and touched so deeply by the campfire and lunch we shared with Father. I snuggled up close to Father and asked a few personal questions. I told Father that the although the foreign missionaries had been trained by him “in fire,” some that had returned [to the US] have no special mission. Before I could say more, he said, “Tribal messiah and hometown is the most important mission. This is what they should be doing.”

After a while, Father turned to me and asked, “How was it having only two hours sleep?”

I responded. “No problem, but after we return to our missions will we be expected to continue sleeping for only two hours? I am concerned about falling asleep while driving!”

Father laughed loudly and said, “The two hours’ sleep is only during this special training I am giving you.”

While we were fishing, we would see hundreds of salmon in the streams, but they would very seldom take our bait. Now was my chance to find out from the expert why they weren’t biting. I turned and asked Father, “There are so many fish in the streams but few are biting. Why? … ”

Father just said, “They are not interested in eating, they are making love!”

Father calls salmon the true love fish. They travel thousands of miles from across the ocean to return to their birth-place. They exhaust themselves traveling up streams and rapids to give birth to their descendants. After spawning, they even give their own bodies for their babies to eat. Well, we witnessed all of this in the streams of Kodiak. Father’s message that we must become true parents ourselves, sacrificing our lives for the next generation, really sunk in.

Father gave us two main points to take from the training: True Parents and the gratitude culture. True Parents means unconditional love and all that it embodies, and the culture of gratitude (we should have an “attitude of gratitude” no matter how painful our situation) will hasten our restoration and union with Heavenly Father.

Father poured out his heart

Every morning and every evening for eight days Father poured his heart out to us. I braved not taking notes but chose to maintain maximum eye contact with him. I sat center-front and was the focal point of Father’s love punches, kicks and pulls. He spoke most of the time in a soft-spoken English that most brothers in the back said they could not understand. At times it seemed I could even understand what Father was saying in Korean, sharing some kind of a heart-and-mind oneness.

Many of Father’s words seemed personalized for me. He often walked over, stared into my eyes and spoke wisdom that specifically answered concerns I had had on my heart for years. Sometimes my heart was so moved that uncontrollable tears streamed downward: once on receiving Father’s personal guidance during his sermon, once over Father’s explanation of his reason for continuing his work in America despite America’s failure, and once during Mother’s prayer.

Father’s main theme at the beginning was becoming individually perfect and establishing a perfected family. He explained various aspects of each centering on mind-body unity, and he emphasized the urgency to have joy in our marriages. He said, “Without joy and happiness in your marriage you cannot fulfill tribal messiahship. Love your spouse in all ways.”

Our two-hour sleeping pattern was very helpful for digesting Father’s words concerning dominion over our bodies. At one point he explained our ability to heal our physical body of most diseases and how he healed a deep gash in his leg by burning the wound with fire and rubbing charcoal dust in the wound over the following days. He said that with positive thinking and a strong mind, we could just forget most sicknesses and they would disappear.

“As you get older your body may deteriorate,” he said, “but if you do these exercises you won’t develop a crooked back. To prevent the onset of senility hold your nose and blow air through your ears and tear ducts to increase the blood flow to your brain. Move your jaw sideways, up and down in this extreme manner to stimulate the overall health of your immune system.”

“The only hope for America is the revival of Christianity,” Father said, and he assigned us to return to our hometown, join a church and revive it. He emphasized serving the church, not teaching Divine Principle, in the beginning.

Cultivating a heart of thanks

Father gave us two main points to take from the training: True Parents and the culture of gratitude. True Parents means unconditional love and all that it embodies; the gratitude culture means that regardless of what we face in the future, and no matter how painful the situation, we should have the attitude to give thanks. Such an attitude will greatly hasten our restoration and union with Heavenly Father.

Father won me with his call for us to take up a crusade against any evil we notice around. I resolved myself to crusade with my full being against evil, to perfect myself (total mind-body unity), and to perfect my Blessing. I want to give birth to absolute joy within my family and embrace my tribal messiah course.

I now have a very special connection to Father. Anyplace, anytime, I can, eyes open or not, go to that fishing spot where Father and I talked around the campfire and soon be filled with infinite peace and overwhelming fulfillment. I find myself manifesting mannerisms and expressions that I am sure I remember being Father’s.

I declare my determination to nourish this new beginning our True Parents have blessed me and my family with. I will stand strong as a proud Unificationist as Father asked, and wherever I see wrong I will confront it. Wherever I see persecution of the Unification family I will challenge that wrong thinking. I have been filled up and changed by the Kodiak workshop, and I will in turn fill up those with whom I come into contact.

Father, sons and grandsons enjoy a campfire after fishing. John Doroski is seated at the far left.

John Doroski and his wife Nanette were among the early missionaries that went out to pioneer many new nations. Among various countries, they worked in the Philippines, a nation where our movement has grown substantially in the four decades since those early pioneering days. The Doroskis participated in the 1800 Couples Blessing in 1975.

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