Paraguay: End of the Year Meeting

Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

On November 30, 2019 WFWP, UPF and ACLC had the end of the year 2019 meeting. Even though a big Storm came over Asunción, 80 people gathered for this event. The event started with welcome words by MC Prof. Gustavo Giuliano followed by a video about the founder of WFWP.  The CARP band prepared the environment with beautiful songs. After which UPF president Evaristo Fernandez gave some insights on the Mission and Responsibilities of Peace Ambassadors.

Then ACLC Paraguay President Pastor Pedro Acosta gave a short report about ACLC Activities 2019 followed by a report about 2019 activities of WFWP by Mrs. Roswitha Dueck de Giuliano, President of WFWP Paraguay.

Then 9 new Peace Ambassadors, including 5 women firefighters who fought against huge wildfires this year in the Chaco region, received their certificates.

Father Benito Gil from the Catholic Church, Divino Misericordia, gave a brief report about ACLC activities in his church.

The event concluded with a beautiful performance of WFWP Peace Ambassador Prof. Lidia Gimenez´s dancing group, raffle and refreshment.

Special thanks for all those who supported our activities in 2019 and wishing everyone a great year 2020.

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