Moldova: Discussion on Love and Respect in Family

By Galina Chernomorets, FFWPPU Eastern Europe

Blessed family harmony and unity are the essential foundation for the advancement of the Cheon Il Guk providence. In November the Blessed Families Department of the Eastern Europe subregion held two programs for blessed families in Moldova under the title “Love and Respect as the Basis of a Happy Marriage.”

The program contained lectures and practical exercises centered on True Parents’ words about blessed couples’ relationships, supplemented by the theories of the famous Christian family counselor Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

On November 9, eleven blessed families took part in the program conducted by BFD Regional Director Galina Chernomorets in cooperation with Moldova BFD leader Natalya Roskot with the support of FFWPU national leader Sabina Nadejdin and UPF national leader Andrei Eșanu. The program took place in the Moldovan Peace Embassy in Chisinau. The feedback was very good – the husbands and wives appreciated the opportunity to better understand each other’s needs and also to tell their spouse about their needs.

The same kind of program was given to newly blessed Heavenly Tribal Messiah couples on November 10 in the city of Anenii Noi during a meeting of a Family Club established as a follow up to those couples’ Blessing. Three couples and four wives attended the meeting. Their response also was very good and grateful. They were very open, active participants; it was so moving to see the way they reacted hearing principled explanations and True Parents’ words. It was as though God touched their original mind and they started shining!

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