Letter on the Occasion of True Mother’s World Speaking Tour for the Firm Establishment of a Heavenly World (12)

Following is the twelfth letter from Dr. Young Ho Yun, Secretary-General, Cheon Jeong Gung Headquarters, on True Mother’s 40-Day Cosmic Canaan Course for the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk, written on December 7, 2019 (11.11 in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk)

 “The downpour from the skies of South Africa was Heaven’s tears of joy.”

Beloved Cheon Il Guk leaders, blessed families!

May Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ blessings and grace be with you.

I would like to begin this letter by giving it the title, “The downpour from the skies of South Africa was Heaven’s tears of joy.” 

This is the first time I have seen so many continuous days of rain. In Africa, people say that rain means “blessing.” From the time of True Mother’s arrival at Johannesburg, South Africa, the rain did not stop. I had looked at so many weather forecasts and would check the weather every hour, and checked and checked again, but the rain of blessing would not stop. The rain was relentless. However, I thought it would stop by December 7. But it rained today without exception, and it poured down.

Yesterday during the live rehearsal at FNB Stadium, it rained heavily rains until late in the evening and I realized how difficult a challenge the Africa Continental Blessing Ceremony might be. Yet we did not lose hope. We kept all options open and had plans to anticipate for various situations. We had our final staff meeting. Prophet Radebe’s church had united completely with us and was fully part of the organizing team. We became one team, a single team, irrespective of our positions, attending True Mother.

On the morning of the historic “Africa Continental Blessing Ceremony” (for 200,000 people in South Africa) True Mother woke up even earlier than usual and began her day with devotions. Notably, today is 11.11 on the heavenly calendar representing the primal number [the number one] achieving the four-position foundation.

The very first thing Mother asked over breakfast was about the weather. True Mother knew better than anyone else that it would make things difficult for the event if it rained. Therefore, along with asking about the weather she looked at the alternative plans if the rain continued. I explained to Mother the overall program for the day, the various options if it continued to rain. I explained that we would leave for FNB Stadium at 9:00 am. However, we received a report from the IHQ staff preparing for the event at the stadium that the heavy rain was causing delays for the people who were traveling to the stadium. When we received that report, I continued to closely discuss with Prophet Radebe regarding the program and the problems of transport. Prophet Radebe, who had also been monitoring the number of people arriving, said we would absolutely reach our goal of the number of participants but requested the event be delayed an hour in order to do so. I gathered all the information together and reported this to True Mother. With her permission, the start of the event was set back by one hour.

Though it was not easy for people to come to the stadium, the gates opened at 6:00 am and the many participants taking their seats created a festive environment, right up until the pre-ceremony performance that began at 8:00. The number of participants rapidly increased but naturally they tended to gather on the 3rd tier of the stadium where they would not get rained on, and were packed around the stairs and the gates. With all the people packed into the 3rd tier we could have filled the first floor and the ground floor but because of the rain they did not want to come down.

True Mother left the hotel at 10:00 am. The rain poured down even harder as she moved to the stadium under police escort. During the drive True Mother had her eyes closed and appeared to be praying. I could feel her resolute determination that not even the rain would be an obstacle in her providential march forward.

True Mother arrived at the stadium at 10:30. The 162 couples to receive the Holy Water Blessing, representing 54 nations, were waiting dressed in tuxedos and wedding dresses. As soon as they saw True Mother’s car they began to cheer and applause shouting “Mother Moon, Mother Moon!” When I saw this, I realized the pouring rain was not a “rain of worry” but a “rain of blessing and happiness.” Prophet Radebe had already arrived at the stadium and came out to welcome True Mother. True Mother gave a short but strong message to Prophet Radebe saying, “Let us do our best today!” and entered the green room.

The stadium had turned into a festival venue. Everyone was standing, dancing, and singing without a care for the pouring rain as they expressed their gratitude for this historic Blessing brought by True Mother. It was truly a festival. However, unlike the participants, Prophet Radebe and I were still anxious. Prophet Radebe’s staff and the Africa headquarters staff all felt the same.

Not only were there 200,000 attendees in stadium and 3 million participating through the live broadcast from Revelation Church of God churches at the Blessing Ceremony, but potentially tens of millions of people watching through the live South Africa national television broadcast, plus others from all across Africa, Europe, and the world watching through various other media outlets. This was truly a Continental Blessing Ceremony. All 200,000 tickets had been given out (only those who had received the pre-blessing received tickets, the rest of the congregation gathered at churches and participated in the event through the live broadcast) and there were numerous plans and reviews to make sure there was no problem with the number of participants.

It was, however, the unexpected continuous rain and the issue of renting 2,000 buses that became the biggest problems. In South Africa, the bus companies are affected by corruption so there has never been an event where the mobilization of buses has gone well. Therefore, filling the entire stadium including the ground floor was a very difficult challenge, especially when you consider the bad weather.

Late last night, we had an emergency when the rental of 500 buses in Gauteng, Johannesburg, were cancelled. Being a continental-level Blessing Ceremony, this was a historic event that is participated in by all 54 nations of Africa, including South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Hence, there were many participants coming from other countries. They had to travel by bus for a few days, and arrived at the stadium early in the morning today, spending their night at the stadium. Among all areas of mobilization, however, Johannesburg was the most essential. Hence, to have 500 buses cancelled the day before the event created a major emergency.

Fortunately, we had more than 100,000 pre-blessed couples for this Blessing Ceremony and hence, we had no problem mobilizing people. However, the cancelling of buses and the rain really made everything look grim. Prophet Radebe could not come to the rehearsal at the stadium yesterday as a result. We had arranged to rehearse the event together, but he had to resolve the bus cancellation, as well as secure additional buses. He mobilized all possible means to do so.

Despite such difficulty, the endlessly pouring rain, and the delay in time, we were able to miraculously mobilize the number of people we had aimed for. Some people may not agree, saying that the mobilization goal was not attained by pointing out that some part of the 1st floor and the ground floor of the stadium were empty. We have to take into account that some participants had moved to the 2nd and 3rd floors, trying to avoid the rain. They either sat or stood on the stairs, filling the stairs in layers, while others went inside the gates. According to the mobilizing teams, the number of people we had aimed for, had all participated. The fact that participants came regardless of the rain is a miracle in itself. What was more amazing was the fact that everyone stayed to participate in all aspects of the Blessing Ceremony without leaving, until it finished at around 3 pm.

At about 11 am, Prophet Radebe was supposed to be on stage to begin the 2nd part of the Welcoming Ceremony. I had greeted him and sent him off to the stage. Prophet Radebe, however, was nowhere to be seen and the praise team simply continued to sing. Prophet Radebe’s green room was next to True Mother’s green room on the 2nd floor. Hence, no matter how long it took, it wouldn’t be more than 20 to 30 minutes. Time passed, and there was still no sign of Prophet Radebe even after 20 to 30 minutes. I found out later on that Prophet Radebe, out of his desire to show True Mother a completely filled stadium, had gone in person to the 3rd floor to encourage participants to move to the 1st floor and ground floor after staff failed to persuade participants to do so. When I heard of what had happened, I became completely emotional, and was truly grateful to him.

When the rain slightly lessened, participants began to descend to the 1st and ground floors, and the stadium started to be filled to a certain degree. On stage were around 100 or so representative leaders of Africa including current and former heads of state, kings, speakers, ministers, and religious leaders. Prior to the entrance of Prophet Radebe, the king of the Zulus, the biggest tribe in South Africa entered, and his entrance caused a state of feverish excitement and cheers across the stadium. (The Zulu tribe was the only tribe that stood strong to the end during European incursions into South Africa, and South Africa today can be said to have been shaped by the Zulu people.) The king of the Zulus has greater influence than the president himself in South Africa. The presence of such dignitaries on the stage made the Blessing stage even more brilliant.

In attendance at the African Continental Summit and Hyojeong Family Blessing Festival in South Africa were 5 current heads of state and official representatives of presidents, representatives of the African Union (AU) and ECOWAS, 6 former heads of state, 12 speakers, 140 parliamentarians (100 overseas parliamentarians and 40 South African parliamentarians), 127 leaders of major religious groups, 219 kings and chiefs, 2,000 civic leaders (women, youths, group leaders, organization leaders, etc.), and all other participants. A total of 200,000 people were present at the stadium. Another 3,000,000 people (church participation) participated through the internet live broadcast, and representatives of 80 media companies from 30 nations were also present.

After Part 1 (Entertainment) of the program concluded, Part 2 (The Welcoming Ceremony) commenced. The King of the Zulu people entered first. Prophet Radebe was the next to enter amid a guard of honor. The stadium was completely filled with thunderous shouts. Part 2 of the program began with the national anthem of South Africa, and was concluded briefly by Prophet Radebe’s welcoming remarks.

His welcoming address was truly a testimony to True Mother. The following is a quote from his welcoming address:

[Re-translation into English of the Korean translation of a portion of the original speech.]
“I have never seen the FNB stadium, the biggest stadium in Africa, filled to capacity on a rainy day. To fill the stadium to this extent on a rainy day is impossible. Regardless, we have all gathered here today because we are spiritual. In Africa, rain is a blessing. Today, we will be having the Blessing Ceremony centered on True Mother. We will be having the African Continental Blessing ceremony today. I am truly grateful to True Mother. The Blessing we will receive today is one that we have never received before. I sincerely welcome our True Mother, God’s only begotten Daughter, who brings together all races of this world. Today, Africa will truly become Heavenly Africa through True Mother. And I believe that a new future has been opened not only in South Africa, but also across Africa. Mother is truly our True Mother.”

Prophet Radebe’s welcoming address changed the entire atmosphere into a revival in one moment. His genuine testimony to both True Father and True Mother was broadcast live across South Africa, which had in the past opposed True Parents. It was all truly remarkable and wonderful. I felt that Heaven also did not suffer any loss from this. 

Soon after, Part 3, the Blessing Ceremony, which was the main part of the event, began. Africa Regional Chair Bakary Camara was master of ceremonies for the Blessing. 

The Blessing Ceremony began with an Interfaith Water Ceremony and the reading of the Declaration to Heaven. Thirteen religious leaders representing all of Africa conducted the Interfaith Water Ceremony, and the reading of the Declaration to Heaven sanctified the entire Blessing venue. At True Mother’s request, I myself wrote the Declaration to Heaven. True Mother directed that the Declaration to Heaven must contain the proclamation that “Heavenly Africa,” which True Mother proclaimed in January 2018 at the Africa Summit in Senegal, has substantially been completed on this day in December, 2019. With this directive, I wrote the Declaration to Heaven with a devoted heart. Looking back now, the Declaration to Heaven became the basis for the historical “Heavenly Africa” proclamation that True Mother made afterwards. And this Declaration to Heaven represented True Mother’s heart for Africa.

 Declaration to Heaven

“Almighty Heavenly Parent!

True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who have come here to host this historic Blessing!

We offer our profound gratitude.

We have gathered here with a humble heart and attitude, answering our Heavenly Parent’s sacred call. We have not gathered here as ‘citizens’ representing Africa as a continent of oppression and conflict, war and famine. We have gathered here as Your children who represent the continent of Africa that True Parents have blessed, the continent of hope, the continent we desire: Shining Africa, a Blessed Africa.

Almighty Heavenly Parent!

Heaven has blessed this continent as the center of the original Garden of Eden, however, due to the dominion of the great Atlantic Civilization, which became known for conquering and exploitation, the continent of Africa has had to endure a dark history. During this dark period, Heaven saw the tears we shed as we suffered, Heaven heard our cries, and Heaven saw our bitter pain and anguish. In the midst of these difficulties, Heaven suffered the most and Heaven’s bitter pain was the greatest.

Beloved Heavenly Parent!

In order to bring to an end all this pain, these cries and this historical grief and anguish, and in order to embrace us as Your children, You sent us True Mother, the only begotten Daughter, True Mother blessed this continent as “the Blessed Continent,” “the Continent of the Future,” “the Continent of Hope,” and the “Shining Continent.” True Mother blessed this continent as “the Heavenly Africa, the Blessed Africa” where Heavenly Parent can firmly establish Himself in substantial ways. Through True Mother, the continent of Africa has overcome the era of the great Atlantic Civilization, the civilization of conquering and exploitation, and has joined the great mainstream of the Pacific Civilization which is based on the culture of heart, a culture of True Love which consists of giving and giving without end. Thank you Heavenly Parent. Thank you True Parents.

Heavenly Parent!

In particular, from November 27-30, the African Union, ECOWAS, and organizations representing all of Africa, gathered to show the vision of building a peaceful continent of Africa through interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. We also supported the dawning of a new era in Africa, accepting the support of the Asia-Pacific Union for the firm establishment of the Pacific Rim civilization.

Furthermore, on this day, December 7, in this historic FNB stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, 200,000 leaders and citizens from 54 African nations have gathered to realize the ideal of ‘One Africa, One Family,’ centering on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Furthermore, millions of your African children gathered their devotion together to host this historic “Africa Continental Blessing.”

Through Prophet Radebe’s remarkable devotion, the Africa Continental Blessing, being held today, is transforming this continent into a Blessed continent, a continent for the future, a continent of hope, a shining continent. This landmark Blessing Ceremony will transform this continent and the world. Hence, this Blessing will become a new historical starting point that testifies to the substantial realization of True Mother’s historic declaration of “Heavenly Africa.”

Thank you Heavenly Parent.

Thank you True Parents.

Today, through this Blessing, we will become Heavenly Parent’s most beloved children. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We put the hearts of all those present here today and offer this prayer.

Amen ~~ Aju~~~”

While the Declaration to Heaven was read, True Mother silently closed her eyes and listened. It was as if she were slowly reminiscing over the past 7-year course she had walked to embrace all True Parents’ children throughout the world.

After the Declaration to Heaven, kings of tribes representing South Africa and the whole of Africa gave welcoming remarks. Then, Hon. Jackson Mphikwa Mthembu, official representative of the President, Minister at the Presidency, and ANC spokesperson, gave the opening address.

Today’s Blessing Ceremony was not merely a national-level Blessing Ceremony for the purpose of proclaiming national restoration, but a continental-level Blessing Ceremony. Hence, the participation of the President of South Africa at the Blessing wasn’t a matter of the greatest importance. On the other hand, the participation of representatives of the Africa Union (AU) and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) became more important. Amazingly, however, the official representative of the President of South Africa as well as all leaders in the Presidential Office did participate.

Official representative Mthembu praised True Mother’s work and gave a wonderful address, saying the following: [Translation from Korean] “South Africa regards True Mother as family. South Africa will always support True Mother’s great efforts.”

Unlike the past South African governments, which used to oppose True Parents, South Africa has now become a nation that actively supports True Parents. We witnessed the amazing miracle of holding a continental-level Blessing Ceremony in a country where True Parents had previously been persecuted.

One highlight of the day was the moment True Mother entered the stadium. A video introducing True Mother’s national-level Blessing movement across the world was played prior to True Mother’s entrance. After the video, True Mother finally entered. On her way to the venue, however, True Mother faced some difficulties. True Mother’s green room is situated on the 2nd floor of the stadium, and the electricity suddenly went out across the 2nd floor. We thought that it might only be the floor that was out of electricity and continued moving toward the elevator. We soon found out that the elevator also wasn’t working. We were in a somewhat difficult situation. We couldn’t decide what to do. Then True Mother said, “Let’s just go down,” and we took the stairs, which meant descending more than 100 steps. Every step Mother took on her way down felt like the many trials and difficulties she had to overcome to host today’s historical continental-level Blessing Ceremony. 

As soon as Mother arrived in the 1st floor lobby, Prophet Radebe was waiting for True Mother with his bright smile. Our original plan was for True Mother to enter the Blessing venue in an open car. However, the ground floor was in such bad state due to the rain that the car parade was cancelled just before it was finalized. But after discussing it once more with Prophet Radebe, we decided it was best to continue with the original plan that True Mother would enter in an open car, but to have the roof in place due to the continuing rain.

As soon as True Mother entered with the guard of honor in line, the stadium just roared with cheers and shouts. My ears were deafened by their strong shouts for True Mother. I could not but shed tears and bow down my head in front of their strong cheers. Our view of the stadium looking upward from ground level to the participants who filled the stadium was simply overwhelming. When I heard all those present shouting “Mother Moon!” with one voice, I couldn’t stop the tears flowing down my face. 

And when True Mother entered, an amazing miracle took place. The rain just stopped like a miracle. I have heard that in this country, whenever there is a downpour of rain like this, it never stops suddenly. But miraculously, as soon as True Mother entered the stadium, the rain just ceased. I asked True Mother if I could open the sunroof, and did so after I received her permission. As soon as the roof opened, the cheers and shouts of participants in the stadium became even stronger. It was such an astonishing sight. Then, Prophet Radebe told True Mother, “Mother! We have filled the stadium!”

True Mother’s car passed the line of Blessing attendants and stopped right in front of the stage. True Mother then moved to the stage to officiate the historic Blessing Ceremony. The momentous continental-level Blessing Ceremony finally commenced.

Representing 54 countries, 54 newly-wed couples, 54 already-married couples, and 54 African leaders and their spouses (political, religious, and tribal leaders) entered the stage. True Mother sprinkled holy water over the 162 couples as they passed her in the same way True Father and True Mother had done together in past times. It was quite a spectacle. True Mother poured her heart and soul into the Holy Water Ceremony to bless the African continent, which had been filled with despair and oppression, as a Heavenly Africa filled with hope and dreams. I approached Prophet Radebe and asked if I could help with True Mother’s Holy Water ceremony and he readily consented. I walked onto the stage, received an attendant’s bowl of holy water and supported True Mother personally. It was quite an amazing moment. Some might say that I was an arrogant religious leader but I couldn’t help myself. I was simply a true filial son, joyfully helping my Mother. The representative couples smiled more brightly because of Prophet Radebe’s support. It was a splendid holy water ensemble that created mother-and-son bonds under heavenly law.

Afterward came the affirmation of the Holy Blessing Vow and Blessing Prayer. True Mother’s benediction of the couples was filled with tears. Her love caressed the pain of the African continent. As soon as True Mother began to pray, the rain began to pour down. Heaven was also crying. However, those most certainly were not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy.

Mother’s Blessing Prayer

“Most noble and precious Heavenly Parent!

Until this day came about, You have looked for and waited for your lost sons and daughters in tremendous sadness and pain over a long period of 6,000 years. Your ideal for the Creation begins centered on a man and woman who fulfill their responsibility. Hence, You could not abandon fallen humankind. You conducted the providence of salvation and sent many prophets and righteous people to educate humankind. Two-thousand years ago, You were finally able to send Jesus Christ, the Messiah who could realize Your dream. And yet, the people’s ignorance resulted in them not accepting Your Will. 

As a result, Jesus ultimately went the way of the cross. He promised to return and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This is because Your providence can come to completion only through the emergence of the True Parents, as the first human ancestors, to complete Your ideal of creation. 

Since You are all-knowing and almighty, You created human beings to be eternal. Fallen people have longed for Your only begotten Son and only begotten Daughter, whom You can call Your son and daughter, to be born, and have offered devotions, enduring war, conflict, suppression, and indescribable pain, to see the day they can meet You, Heavenly Parent.

Africa, in particular, has seen been a continent of much pain to You, with its history of tremendous oppression, violation of human rights, and extreme suffering, and as “the last” continent in the Atlantic Civilization Realm.

Hence, to complete Your providence, You established the True Parents in 1960, and ever since, You have raised Your children through the Blessing that enables fallen people to become Your children. In Africa in particular, the hope of many prophets, kings and chiefs of many nations has been to usher in the day peace reigns with everyone attending You, Heavenly Parent. Representatives from the 54 nations of Africa have gathered here today to register as Your children, and will be reborn as blessed couples.

Heavenly Parent, how long have You endured and waited? How much have you wanted to love and bless such a day? Your long-cherished desire can now be realized through the blessed families here today. Please enable them to remember that when they fulfill their responsibilities as blessed families and as tribal messiahs, Africa will no longer be a miserable continent, but become a continent that attends You and receives Your blessings.

Heavenly Parent, today You are here with us at this Blessing! Just as today’s weather expresses the tears You shed and the pain You endured throughout history, today also marks the birth of Your children, whom You can joyfully accept. I pray that You may accept every child in joy.

This is an occasion upon which all blessed families pledge to become Your devoted sons and daughters who will never make You lonely. Please joyfully accept them. I pray and proclaim all these in True Parents’ name. Aju.”

Aju… Aju… Aju…

Tears streamed down my face.

They were tears of gratitude, joy and happiness, indescribable in words.

The raindrops that fell during the benediction were tears of joy shed by Heaven.

They were shed by Heaven as compensation for the tears shed by True Mother in secret during the last seven years since True Father’s Holy Ascension. Even though we didn’t know about it, Heaven had seen her tears and remembered them. They were the compensation given by Heaven in return for the life-or-death resolution and utmost dedication and devotion of True Mother, who had lived each day of the last seven years as if it were a thousand years. “The torrential rain pouring down from the heavens in South Africa were Heaven’s tears of joy.” Aju.

Next came the exchange of rings between the thirteen couples and the holy wedding declaration of the historic, continental-level Blessing Ceremony. It was a moment of great victory. After that, former Prime Minister of Togo Kwassi Klutse and his wife presented a bouquet as a representative of the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP) in Africa, and Madagascar’s National Assembly President Jean Max Rakotomamonjy and Vice-president Kassoum Maiga Yacouba presented gifts. It was, indeed, a continental-level Blessing Ceremony.

Afterwards, young people and students recited the pure love pledge and gave a congratulatory dance performance for True Mother. Last month, Prophet Radebe had brought together 4,000 or so youths in his church to establish Youth and Students for Peace (YSP), and representatives of those youths stepped forward on this day to make the pure love pledge. Their congratulatory performance held right afterwards stirred up the entire stadium, and Prophet Radebe himself danced most merrily to the music as he stood next to True Mother. Every participant stood up to dance and sing together with him, following his movements and his words, to return joy to True Mother. A child’s status does not matter when it comes to returning joy to his parents. This congratulatory performance was a climax of the Blessing festival.

Next, Dr. Roslyn Ngeno of the African Union and Col. Eric Agossounou of ECOWAS delivered congratulatory addresses as representatives of the African continent. Actually, last September a West African was murdered in South Africa, and the South African government’s lukewarm response to the matter had resulted in every head of state and leader from West Africa refusing to come to South Africa at this time. Even Goodluck Jonathan refused. The fact that, in spite of such unfortunate circumstances, representatives from the African Union and ECOWAS attended the event and gave congratulatory addresses, is truly an amazing miracle in itself that testifies to the coming together of Africa under True Mother’s embrace. The African Union representative’s congratulatory address in particular evidenced the fact that True Mother and our movement are fully acknowledged on the continental level and that ours is a great vision that can lead an entire continent. Here is an excerpt from that congratulatory address:

“I believe it is a great blessing for the African Union to work together with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). Ever since its founding, UPF has continued to work for the vision that the cornerstone of world peace and harmonious society is the ideal family. UPF is working for the construction of a peaceful world. The development of Africa cannot take place without peace. Peace is absolutely necessary for sustainable development. Social, financial and environmental developments should be premised on peace.

Therefore, on this day, I would like to congratulate Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon from my deepest heart. Through UPF, True Parents present to us the ideal and vision of a peaceful world. And they are doing their utmost best to bring about this ideal world, the world of freedom, peace, harmony, cooperation, prosperity and happiness.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, True Mother, congratulations. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for hosting this year’s glorious Summit and Blessing Ceremony. UPF brings about great changes every day through international cooperation, and awakens us to the importance of the foundation of peace and harmony, and of various social developments.”

Next came the dedication of the resolutions of each field and organization for Africa, signed at the Niger Continental Summit. The resolutions were presented to True Mother by Vice-president Iro Sani of the National Assembly of Niger as a representative of IAPP, Chairman Sheikh Mansour Diouf as a representative of IAPD, Federal Permanent Secretary Amina Muhammed Bello Shamaki of Nigeria as a representative of ISCP, and King Nkosiyamakhosi Bhekuhlanga Kamakhuluzulu of the Baka Kingdom.

And the Declaration of Heavenly Africa, which was signed by the African Union, ECOWAS, G5 Sahel and Cheon Il Guk at the last Continental Summit, was presented by Dr. Roslyn Ngeno of the African Union as its representative and by me as the representative of Cheon Il Guk. Upon receiving this substantial foundation of continental restoration, True Mother delivered precious words declaring the completion of the substantial Heavenly Africa.

It was truly a heart-moving and historic moment. Heaven also seemed to shed tears of joy. Those tears brought tears to True Mother’s eyes as well, and we all cried together. True Mother, the only begotten Daughter of Heavenly Parent and the substantial Holy Spirit, re-created the African continent that had been hurt the most, that had shed the most tears and that had suffered the most, as the most blessed and the most resplendent continent. All of the participants answered her with “Aju”.


A flight of the doves of peace had originally been scheduled, but due to the downpour we decided to cancel it, after discussion with Prophet Radebe. Lastly, everyone in the venue offered a candlelit prayer with True Mother in the center, which signified the determination for Heavenly Africa to become the beacon of filial heart (hyojeong) in the world. Though the candles could hardly be lit due to the pouring rain, within our hearts burned fiercely the fire of hyojeong, which had been lit by the Blessing that True Mother had bequeathed to us.

The event was brought to a close by cheers of “Eok Mansei,” led by International President Sibisi of the FFWPU Revelation Church of God, who has truly worked hard to make the event a great success.

True Mother made her exit through the rows of groomsmen and matrons of honor, and after receiving the greetings of the king of the Zulu people, the official proxy of the president of South Africa and many VIPs, she returned to the hotel at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, with a police escort. She looked especially bright and serene as she sat down for a late lunch. Her face expressed every moment of the last seven-year course, which had culminated in the great victory of the Blessing Ceremony on the continental level that could very well be the grand finale before 2020.

When no one had believed that national restoration was possible, she alone had believed, and she had walked the path never before followed by anyone and had reached beyond ‘national restoration’ to ‘continental restoration’ until she had finally prevailed. In her victory, True Mother looked like the very embodiment of God.

Respected leaders and members!

This was a truly incredible day. True Mother dedicated this victory to Heaven in a situation that seemed impossible from a human viewpoint. And Prophet Radebe made every effort to become absolutely one with True Mother. Therefore, today has been a day on which Heaven could not but work miracles. Some time ago, when Prophet Radebe had continued to testify to True Parents, one pastor had asked him, “How much are you paid by them to do this work?” The prophet replied, “They could not buy me even if they gave everything they have. I do this work based on my own conviction.”

Prophet Radebe is the signpost of faith that clearly shows that ‘the last will be first, and the first will be last.’ Now, as I write this letter after all events have come to an end, the text message I received from Prophet Radebe after he returned to the mountain resonates deeply in my heart:

“My special brother, Dr. Yun!

I have come to the mountain after leaving my everything behind. And, on this mountain, I have prayed for everything, especially for our True Mother. Let us show them. May our Heavenly Africa, blessed by True Mother, become the hope of the world.”

I was grateful, and at the same time, pained by those words. They also moved me to tears. And I sent back a reply, to give him what little support I could.

“My beloved brother and prophet!

Please remember that, as I have told you several times before, you have received the revelation. Heavenly Parent has blessed you. Therefore, you will be victorious. Your victory will be my victory, and our victory will be the victory of True Mother. I believe in you absolutely, because True Mother loves you.”

Dear Leaders, Blessed Families!

During the preparations for the summit held in Cape Town, South Africa [Note: Cape Town was actually the site of the first Unificationist mission outpost in Africa, when Dutch missionary Wouter van der Stok opened the first center there in 1970] last year, there was some conflict between Prophet Radebe and our movement’s leadership. Upon True Mother’s instruction, and centered on Mother, we resolved this difficulty. Mother called Prophet Radebe to meet her before the Blessing Ceremony took place and spoke with him one-on-one for 40 minutes. She then called me to stand on the right and had Prophet Radebe stand on the left, had photographs taken, and made us brothers under heaven. And on that day, during the Blessing Ceremony, Prophet Radebe testified to True Mother as the only begotten Daughter.

After True Mother’s visit to Nepal for the Asia-Pacific Summit, I went to Johannesburg and visited Prophet Radebe in his office. I apologized on behalf of our movement’s leadership and discussed the Blessing Ceremony to be held at the Orlando Stadium this past June. And the June event was a great success. No sooner was this event concluded than Mother asked me to invite Prophet Radebe to the Las Vegas ACLC convention. There were good reasons for him to attend the Las Vegas event, but there was an even greater purpose behind his visit. It was here that we proposed to him the holding of the continental-level Blessing Ceremony that we held today. It seemed an impossible challenge. Yet True Mother, the only begotten Daughter and substantial Holy Spirit, had given this direction, and because it was her instruction to be fulfilled I had to persuade the Prophet.

I spent three days in Las Vegas with Prophet Radebe and his wife. On the day they were to leave for South Africa, I explained True Mother’s vision to him. The Prophet fully agreed with this and began preparations for today’s event.

Leaders, family members!

It is well known that the basis for the victory of this event was Prophet Radebe’s very effective work. Yet there was one even more significant factor. That was True Mother herself. This was not in terms of the words she spoke, but in terms of her tremendous devotion and effort that cannot be described in words. Later, when I have the opportunity to speak or report about this, I will explain how it was all to do with Mother’s amazing, sincere devotion. That is what moved Heaven to work. True Mother’s love and devotion to set up one person was truly remarkable. I, who have been carrying out Mother’s instructions, know well how this process unfolded.

However, since True Mother invests her sincere and devoted effort, we must do the same without fail. It is because of True Mother’s absolute foundation that Prophet Radebe can stand tall as an African leader, beyond South Africa. Some may think that Prophet Radebe is attending Mother just on his own, but True Mother has mobilized all her foundation and thus blessed Prophet Radebe, which is the fundamental basis for the victory on this occasion. All the foundation created by ISCP, IAPP, IAPD, IATP, together with the Heavenly [Blessed] Africa Project, are a heavenly arsenal and foundation that True Mother has created. It is because of this foundation that Africa can now move as a continent.

Whenever I, as a tool of God’s providence, carry out True Mother’s command, it is not just once or twice that I have been truly surprised by True Mother’s wise insight. The restoration of a nation or of a continent is not based on faith alone. A substantial foundation and detailed strategy are needed. True Mother once said, “Devising a strategy is also sincere devotion.” And it is True Mother herself who most sincerely follows her own teaching and offers the most devotion in relation to strategy. Today’s victorious and historic Continental Blessing Ceremony, following on from the Niger Continental Summit, attests to this.

In one letter I wrote something like the following:

“Beloved leaders, beloved members! Mother is love. She is our mother who is coming to embrace those who are eager to see her because of her love. She is the mother who, from East to West, from South to North, embraces the world and embraces her children as someone who is almost out of her mind with concern. Even though Mother has sores in her mouth, and her legs are swollen such that it is hard for her to stand, she is our mother who embraces everyone in love, always with a smile on her face.”

True Mother will leave South Africa tomorrow to once again embrace the whole world. She is going out to embrace all her children. Even though Mother is in some physical discomfort, she goes to embrace them again and again with a loving smile. If you ask why she does this, Mother replies:

“…Because I am your mother.”

Beloved Cheon Il Guk Leaders, beloved members!

I would like to ask you to offer much prayer and jeongseong for True Mother’s well-being and safety. In addition, I ask you to pray for the victory of the remaining part of the 40-day Cosmic Canaan Course for the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk.

I send my deepest thanks.

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  1. Taehwan O says:

    Thank you for the regular updates.
    We continue to pray for the well-being and health of our True Mother, the only Begotten Daughter as she goes beyond human imagination to offer victory to Heaven. Thank you Mother.

  2. Daniela Sanfrancesco Wetherall says:

    Even the words Thank You cannot begin to describe the profound gratitude of our family and clan, representing Italy and Australia here in the USA. As we just completed the Blessing of 430 couples, we are even more determined to continue offering our truest devotions to True Mother and as we live in America we work with a sincere heart and mind to bring enormous success to her visit on December 28th. May God bless you and protect you always! Aju and Amen

  3. EUGENE Ahondjo says:

    Thank Dr. Yun for your updates! They are very uplifting . Let’s continuing supporting thé Only begotten Daughter of God , m’y beloved True Mother.

  4. I am deeply moved and grateful for your letter report which encourages me to also move bravely forward in my Tribal messiah mission. I want to give my utmost devotion and prayer for TM wellbeing , good health and safety .
    Isolde Kusakari

  5. Maria Okamoto says:

    Thankyou for reporting to us. Such wonderful news.

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