Letter on the Occasion of True Mother’s World Speaking Tour for the Firm Establishment of a Heavenly World (11)

Following is the eleventh letter from Dr. Young Ho Yun, Secretary-General, Cheon Jeong Gung Headquarters, on True Mother’s 40-Day Cosmic Canaan Course for the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk, written on December 5, 2019 (11.9 in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk)

Beloved Cheon Il Guk leaders, blessed families!

May Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ blessings and grace be with you.

It feels like a long time has passed since I sent my last letter to all blessed families worldwide.

True Mother arrived today in Johannesburg to officiate the Blessing Ceremony for 200,000 people in South Africa, on the foundation of the amazing victory of the Africa Continental Summit and continental-level Blessing ceremony in Niger. This Blessing ceremony will become the cornerstone for the proclamation of substantial continental-level restoration.

The Africa Continental Blessing Ceremony to be held at the FNB Stadium on December 7, 2019 will become a historic occasion to mark the beginning of an amazing era when we will not only be able to proclaim the substantial restoration of nations, but also the restoration of continents.

True Mother’s plane landed during a rainstorm. Once True Mother reached the airport lounge, someone very close to her was waiting for her in front of the door with a bright smile. It was True Mother’s son, Prophet Radebe. Prophet Radebe was standing there with a bright smile, holding a bouquet of red flowers to offer to True Mother.

As soon as he saw True Mother, he welcomed her like a son who had finally found his mother after being separated from her. He greeted True Mother saying, “Mother! I have missed you. I sincerely welcome you to your home here in South Africa.” Prophet Radebe then offered True Mother the bouquet of flowers he had prepared with much devotion.

True Mother was welcomed by young people and students of Prophet Radebe’s Revelation of God Church. Dressed in South African traditional attire, they expressed their profound respect to True Mother by offering a humble full bow, with their heads to the floor. True Mother then took her seat. Soon after, the lounge transformed into a concert hall, warmed by a welcoming performance prepared for True Mother. Another youth and student team sang a capella, singing a beautiful song with the meaning: “True Mother has come today to bless South Africa. She has come to bless Africa.” It was truly a special performance.

Prophet Radebe, who is the International President of the Revelation of God Church (or maybe the FFWPU Revelation of God Church), led the welcoming ceremony as the master of ceremonies. His words and attitude were filled with respect for True Mother. After watching the performance, True Mother shared some precious words: “God loves Africa, which is also why He is blessing Africa.” She then set off for her hotel.

True Mother traveled under an escort offered by the South African police. She was treated with utmost respect, with the police even controlling the traffic on the highway. I could truly feel their sincere devotion for True Mother. According to Prophet Radebe, even the president of South Africa has never received such an escort in his own nation, which is also known for its ‘traffic hell.’ He told us how much the South African police longed to see True Mother—such that the police personnel, who were supposed to stand by outside the lounge at the airport, ended up coming into the lounge to briefly see True Mother. The protocol of the South African police was of a kind I had never seen before, a champion among the different protocols so far.

Finally, True Mother arrived at the hotel. UPA special envoys, young members and students lined up along the red carpet and welcomed True Mother. Amid the cheering of our South African church leaders and other members, Mother received bouquets of flowers and respectful full bows. Mother cut the welcoming cake together with Prophet Radebe and me—whom she regards as Prophet Radebe’s brother—and gave precious words of blessing to all:

“When I came today, it was raining and I heard that rain in South Africa, and Africa in general, is considered a blessing from a very precious person. Heaven has therefore blessed you. Heaven has blessed you through the rain today. And on December 7, God will bless you with bright sunshine.”

Her words brought cheers and shouts from not only Prophet Radebe himself, but also from all members present.

Afterwards, True Mother had lunch with Prophet Radebe. Prophet Radebe has actually been offering devotions since yesterday, walking up into the hills where he stays when he receives spiritual revelations or when offering serious prayers and devotions. He says that today, December 5, is a very important day for him spiritually. He goes up into the hills every year around this time to offer serious prayer. This is because December 5 is the day Nelson Mandela, one of the most respected figures not only in South Africa, but across Africa, passed away. Prophet Radebe had publicly prophesied the day President Mandela would pass away, and it surprised all those around him when he actually departed this life on this day.

What is more, this was also the historic day when one spiritually possessed boy spoke in tongues, prophesying that Prophet Radebe was a leader that would liberate South Africa. The boy then spat out the tooth of a lion and presented it to the Prophet. This spiritual story is famous across South Africa. Ever since that time, Prophet Radebe has gone up this mountain to express gratitude for God’s call, and to offer and re-affirm his determination to Heaven. To receive True Mother on such a day had holy significance. Even though he was supposed to be on the mountainside, he came down to welcome and attend True Mother. After lunch, he told True Mother he must return to the mountain to offer devotions with a life-or-death heart for the event to be held on the December 7.

True Mother had a lunch of warm Korean-style banquet noodles prepared for Prophet Radebe. Food was an expression of love. The love between a parent and a child cemented through filial piety could be felt through this banquet noodle dish. Notably, when Prophet Radebe came to Korea to mark the 7th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension, I spent time with him offering devotions at YongPyeong Resort. As we climbed to the top of Mt. Balwang, we shared a connection as brothers and offered sincere devotions expressly for the coming event. During that time, I introduced Korean culture to Prophet Radebe and showed him how to use chopsticks. He must have practiced a lot since then because he was able to eat the banquet noodles perfectly with his chopsticks.

Even Koreans, when they first learn, find using chopsticks difficult but Prophet Radebe was able to use them almost perfectly well within such a short time. He would even occasionally send me videos of him practicing with chopsticks and today was the day his practice could shine, especially in front of True Mother. This is just a small example, but Prophet Radebe’s attitude toward Korean culture can be seen as his expression of love and respect toward True Mother. For this reason, his use of chopsticks was especially moving to me.

Respected leaders and blessed families!

December 7 will be a truly historic day because it is the day the continental-level Blessing will be held at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. The FNB stadium is an iconic venue in the course of South Africa, but also of all of Africa. The history and status of the stadium itself are significant but also because no event centered on a single person has filled the entire stadium. Thus, if a person holds an event at the FNB stadium, that person becomes respected not only in South Africa but also in all of Africa.

We are preparing with Prophet Radebe for 200,000 participants at the stadium and 2 million people (from Prophet Radebe’s congregation) to join us via the live broadcast. The tickets for inside and outside the stadium have already been distributed and have sold out. Even still, this will be a great challenge. In particular, because rain is forecasted for the day of the event. However, we have the conviction that we can do this because we are together with the substantial Holy Spirit, True Mother, the only begotten Daughter of Heavenly Parent.

From tomorrow, Friday evening, members of the Prophet Radebe’s Revelation Church of God will spend the night at the stadium to welcome True Mother. As they say, sincerity moves Heaven, and I am certain this sincerity will move Heaven to proclaim the restoration of not only South Africa but the entire continent of Africa. I ask for all your sincere devotions for the “Africa Blessing Ceremony” which is the cornerstone for the South Africa continental-level restoration.

During True Mother’s visit to Tanzania, Speaker of the National Assembly Job Ndugai (the second-highest ranking politician of the nation) stayed up all night on November 30, the day of the event, and came to our hotel on December 1 to meet True Mother. I spoke to him for about 20 minutes before guiding him to True Mother’s room. Speaker Ndugai gave True Mother a report on the event first. He gave a joyful report that the Prime Minister had come to Dar es Salaam to meet True Mother and some 800 distinguished guests including 149 members of the National Assembly, along with the Speaker, six ministers (including the President’s cabinet ministers) had completely united centered on True Mother’s vision of peace.

Then he very courteously greeted True Mother, saying the following,

“True Mother! Your visit to Tanzania will be recorded in history forever. Just your presence is a blessing to the people of Tanzania. I would like to thank you on their behalf. Next time I will attend True Mother not as a participant, but as the host. Please stay healthy until then.” True Mother accepted the Speaker of the National Assembly’s precious devotion and took a photograph with him. I found out later that the photo taken with True Mother in her room was published on the front page of the national newspaper. Then Speaker Ndugai very kindly escorted True Mother to the airport. Heaven never takes a loss. I am certain the seeds True Mother sowed in Tanzania will bear fruit as blessings.

Beloved leaders and blessed families!

As all of you know, two days from now on December 7, on the foundation of the victorious Continental Summit in Niger, will be the substantial Continental Blessing Ceremony. The South Africa Blessing Ceremony for 200,000 people is the grand finale of the 2019 substantial continental restoration. We are preparing for this event with hearts filled with hyojeong, and with hard work and devotion. Yet, with the bad weather and various other difficulties, this will be quite a challenge. However, we will absolutely be victorious. If Heaven moves, I am certain it will move for us who are marching forward around the clock, completely investing with all our hearts, even at the risk of our lives.  

Once again, I sincerely ask everyone to please offer deep devotions for the grand victory of this South Africa event and, above all, for True Mother’s good health.

Thank you.

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    Mansei !

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    Mansei and Victory to our beloved True Mother, The Only Begotten Daughter of Heaven. We are eternally gratefull for your amazing love for embracing the world.

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    That’s amazing , amazing, amazing

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    Longue vie pour la vraie Mère afin de parachever la restauration totale de l’Afrique

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    Aju, Victory for Heavenly Africa!

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    We always pray for our True Parents;True Mother’s protection,good health,joyful heart and long lives in this physical world…

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