Italy: Mediterranean Sea as a Bridge of Peace

Prepared by WFWP Italy

We held our special gathering to create a bridge of peace in Senate, Sala ISMA, Rome on November 13, 2019. During the event, Senator Roberto Rampi and other prestigious speakers proposed a way that the Mediterranean can become a sea to give new life to people, not death as it was in the past, a womb which gave life and create a new culture.

In the afternoon religious leaders reported about the importance of dialogue between religions. The pastor from the Waldensian Church and the vice president from Religions for Peace, who was representing also the ADEI WIZO association of Jewish Women in Italy came because of their friendship with WFWP Italy president Elisabetta Nistri. They emphasized the value of the original nature God gave to women and the important role women have to contribute to peace. They also underlined the determination and work of True Mother visiting several countries and meeting the heads of states to plant seeds of peace that can bear precious fruits.

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