Italy: Celebrating Jesus’ birth with his Children

Christmas Festival and Blessing ceremony with representatives of Christian communities

By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

We are all aware of the importance of Christianity in the history of western countries and the world. We know, as well, that they were those who should have received True Parents first and all difficulties that were raised because they could not understand God’s Will of the last days.

We are directly witnessing of the glorious march of True Mother in all parts of the world, but at the same time, we see how still difficult it is for Europe to make Europe receiving her on the same level. One of the reasons is surely that Europe is the place where the old Christian foundation is stronger. A breakthrough in this realm is absolutely necessary. We had signs of a change, recently, with the Pope receiving our representatives and the World Council of the Protestant churches hosting our event. Nevertheless, there is still much work to do.

Following True Mother’s guidance, we started again to contact Christian churches, to create friendship and cooperation, after a long period of working on other missions. It was not easy at all, at the start. Milingo issue, Danbury, understanding of Jesus, all came out. The imagine they have about us is not so friendly and not clear at all. But the time has changed, and we could break through this kind of fog, at least with some of the more lively churches.

After attending their services for few months, we decided to host a Blessing ceremony for some of their representatives. Actually, before inviting them in our place, in Colle Mattia, Carmine Natale, the pastor of Rome, already Blessed few couples in one of their churches, at the end of a Sunday Service. It was not easy at all and actually the congregation split in two parts: some enjoyed a lot, some were very disappointed.

Anyway, on December 21, 2019, three different communities sent representatives: a Mexican evangelical church, a Ukrainian evangelical church and an Italian Pentecostal church. Among them several pastors and deacons and a part of a choir. These are quite big and well-organized churches. All together 26 members. They played music and sang for the event and one of the pastors gave a beautiful speech, appreciating the explanation of the Blessing that I gave before the Blessing.

Actually, the spirit was very high, and we could all feel the presence of God among us, as they testified after the ceremony. In reality, they were quite surprised by our deep spirituality and the understanding of the family. Probably they never expected such an incredible ceremony.

During the lunch we had afterward, we could discuss about many theological points and about the situation of our society that basically rejects God. One of the sensitive points was about the relationship with Muslim world. We know well how much they dislike Muslims, but we could give wonderful testimonies about our experience with our Muslim brothers and people of other religions. Surely, a new world was opened in front of them, unexpected but much more wonderful than the world in which they are trapped many times.

I’m particularly happy, because I love Christians, and we Unification members really represent the descending of the new Jerusalem, prepared for them. The embrace of True Parents is what they are waiting since 2000 years ago, so whenever we can offer it to them, resurrection follows.

We are in touch currently, with other churches, big and small, young and old, and we will continue to work to give them the chance to connect to our beloved True Mother, that is the substantial Holy Spirit and the natural mother for all Christians.

To conclude, I’d like to say, that the few people we could sent to USA for the event on December 28th, come from this groups that attended the Blessing.

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