Italy: CARP Musical Event

by Emilio Asti, CARP Italy

It is well-known that December 21st is a particular day and on this occasion people are particularly excited in expectation of Christmas and the beginning of the New Year.

Just on this special time of the year, bringing about a sense of joy and festivity, a concert organized by CARP in Orio al Serio, a town situated in Northern Italy, in the vicinity of an international airport and not far from Milano, was highly appreciated by a large audience. A theater was the venue of the event entitled: “A musical evening for warming the heart and enlighten the mind” that brought together different kind of people, some of which from various nations, all warmly welcome in, and provided a time for amusement as well as for several reflections.

The event included different musical styles, creating a performance of its own, which combined art, spirituality and amusement, something different from a traditional concert, contributing also to forge a bond of mutual understanding among the participants, many of them could get acquainted with each other, and at the end to foster personal interaction between the artists and the participants in a joyous and friendly atmosphere.

A brief presentation of CARP and its numerous initiatives, made by Davide Chirulli and Valerio Tammiso, allowed the participants to get an idea of the continuous commitment of Rev. Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han Moon to build a world of peace and justice.

Several young artists, including Robin and Martin Chionna, Davide and Elena Chirulli and others, in the execution of the musical pieces have been able to instill a strong enthusiasm that has also involved the public. The participation of the youth choir of the CARP of Bergamo, who presented a particularly significant piece, enriched the evening.

An Indian spiritual song praising Krishna, performed with a grateful heart by a couple representative of the Hare Krishna Movement, filled the air with profound sounds, evoking the old Indian spirituality and allowing the spectators to experience something new.

The various inspiring melodies additionally with the reading of some pieces of poetry enhancing high spiritual values had a positive impact on the audience that, in this way, was warmly encouraged to get to know more about the CARP vision and its many large-scale projects to make reality a world of harmony where everyone can live in freedom and prosperity.

The conclusion, rather late at night, was marked by a big applause from the audience, visibly moved, with the strong wish that the New Year 2020 will mark the beginning of a new path of peace and justice for mankind.

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