Estonia: Ambassadors for Peace Educational Meeting

By Olga Martinson, FFWPU Estonia

Estonian Ambassadors for Peace gathered for the first time in the Peace Embassy in Tallinn for an educational meeting co-hosted by UPF and FFWPU.

In the first part of the November 23 meeting, Mr. Avo Martinson, the secretary general of UPF- Estonia, introduced the main points of Divine Principle in order for the audience to understand what UPF is doing and where it is heading.

The second part introduced True Parents’ course leading up to today. A major focus was the importance of the change of lineage and the expansion of the Blessing throughout the world. FFWPU-Estonia Chair Mrs. Olga Martinson explained how valuable those Blessing ceremonies are and called on the audience to support Blessing activities. The audience also heard for the first time about the opportunity to liberate and bless their ancestors.

After that Mr. Jack Corley, the FFWPU president of the Eastern Europe subregion, gave a very thoughtful message about how important it is for people to develop their capacity to love others. For the first time there was also a question-and-answer session.

Finally a group photo was taken and everybody moved to the cafeteria, where Holy Wine had been prepared for everybody. Mrs. Olga Martinson explained the value of the Holy Wine.

Feedback from the Ambassadors for Peace was enthusiastic, and some good ways opened for future development.

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