Czech Republic: National Meeting

Prepared by FFWPU Czech Republic

 “We might not yet be in in Heavenly Kingdom, but we can live like if we are already there.”

We held a national meeting here in our nation on November 23-24, 2019. The first day of the meeting we heard a speech of NL Eva Pejkofski, who in her speech connected with True Mother’s ongoing speaking tour, and also with simple, ever surprising and life-giving miracles – give and take action and living for the sake of others. Right after we took time to deal with important formal matters. Our vice-NL Martin Slezak, who himself is lawyer, led us through an approval of new statutes that he worked on for several months. Already several years ago Czech Family Federation came to a point when we legally needed new statutes to react on a change of Czech law. We took this opportunity and worked the statute out in a way that it reflected the CIG statutes as much as possible. We have now deeply rooted also in our statutes (that means officially in Czech system), that we stand on and for teachings of True Parents, including our basic Principles like living for higher good, living for the sake of others… We went as far as the Czech law allowed us. Also, we took other important legal steps like official election of already existing leaders – who until that day did not officially exist.

In Saturday afternoon and evening part, our BFD department prepared a program for blessed couples. In an interactive form we shared about wisdom of experienced blessed couples in different positions(parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties, friends, even church leaders…), that they can pass on to young couples beginning their life as a blessed couple. Experience and reflection are treasures valid for younger generations at least as much as an expensive ring passed on through generations…

On Sunday, the second day of our national meeting, we begun the day with a sermon of our regional leader Dieter and Ana Schmidt. Despite their busy schedule they travelled far to meet us at least for one day. Mr. Dieter connected us even more deeply with current world wide providence that True Parents are leading and he reminded to every one how important it is to connect with all we have and all we are with our True Mother, and shared about deep experiences from the recent Cheon Bo Izrael.

After the main speech we followed with a short reflection on recent reconstruction of our HQ, and with new appointments: WFWP vice-president, BFD leader and Department of Publications leader.

Next, we had short but important announcement of new and fresh determination in the area of education of our youth. National leader and Marcela Gregurkova, sister responsible for education of CHARP age children, explained about the steps we took so far to systematize our education and about new educational system that we find very helpful and that we decided to adopt – system created by Elena Kalmatskaya from Russia.

Last point of the program was HARP graduation. Young brothers and sisters who came to a point when they should take responsibility for their own life of faith got beautiful certificates designed by one of them. They were encouraged to reflect in which area within our movement they want to join and develop, and help Heavenly Parent’s and True Parent’s providence.

We finished with three cheers of Eog Mansei leaded by one of the founding older brothers Anton Uhnak.

This time we decided to approach the meeting differently. We tried for a balanced program – balance of focus on providence and spiritual guidance on one hand and focus on healthy relationships and nurturing of our community on the other.

Dear True Mother, congratulations!! We are so proud. We watched you step down from the plane and walk on that red carpet, being welcomed by prime minister of Niger and few different performances and ethnical groups on every corner of the walk you took towards the terminal. We are so proud! We know you deserve it. Finally! Congratulations! We are so happy but sad at the same time, because our country is not yet there… But don’t worry, it will come. Because we are here and we keep going!

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