Cranes Club Europe 2019 Dinner in Paris

By Inoë André, Cranes Club Europe

This Cranes Club Dinner in December 14, 2019, aimed at inspiring people by listening to a testimony of someone very successful in his area. It was indeed an opportunity to get to know better Kilsun Cordasso and his work as a physiotherapist.

Such kind of event provides time and space to explain more about Cranes Club, promote all events happening in Europe and advertise coming events. It helps us receiving more clarity.

This dinner was held on December 14th, at Espace Barrault in Paris and was attended by some fifteen professionals currently living in France. The event aimed at bringing more cranes club members by letting it free for them. Nonetheless, no Cranes Club members managed to come except the organizers. All things considered, networking session, the speaker and the dinner proved impactful, with participants rating the overall success of the event 8.5 out of 10 and some are willing to support Cranes Club.

  • 18h45: Registration
  • 19h15: Introduction
  • 19h30: Testimony on career by Kilsun Cordasso
  • 20h15: Q&A
  • 20h30: Dinner made by the chef Martin Yuen and networking
  • 21h30: Entertainment – Singing performances by Hemotion
  • 22h00: End

It was actually really hard to organize this because of the strikes happening in France. Some speakers that was planned to speak could not attend anymore. I am very grateful that Kilsun was still inspired to come and speak. I think he delivered a message with passion and participants could be enlightened by his positiveness. I am also very grateful to Takayuki Wada because he supported me in the whole process of organizing it and giving ideas to make it better.

I think this event really bring some hope and happiness to everyone. Many could leave the place with a genuine smile.

I hope this event could give birth to the excitation to participate to the coming AGM April 2020 and that many people will want to go there.


The participants liked the mood, the testimony and the dinner. The dinner itself was a huge success. The chef Martin Yuen made a course menu that really satisfied all the participants.

Missing points:

  • After the speech, it would have been good to comment on the testimony and sum up the keys of his success and how you can apply it to everyone.
  • Exercise to write a CV, cover letter, coaching.

One person expressed that the event did not particularly help him develop his network.


Kilsun Cordasso is the second son of a family of 3 children. Because his father has back pain, he used to give him massages in the back. From little, he had always strived at becoming a doctor. However, invested he was, he could not pass the exam to study to be a doctor. Nevertheless, he grades were good enough to be a physiotherapist. He decided to follow this path. Yet now he is living a fulfilling life. He loves his job where he always have to learn more in a world that keeps improving and has a real desire to be at the service of his customers. He is now very successful at his job forcing him to refuse many customers.

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