Bulgaria: Family Festival

By Zsolcsak-Dimitrova, FFWPU Bulgaria

On 24 November 2019, we held a Family Festival in the Peace Embassy of Sofia. First Mariana Tincheva-Eklesia, our VIP guest for the Southeast European Summit gave a moving testimony about her experiences in Tirana. After that, we heard a lecture from Mihaela Sergeeva „The Family As the School of Love”, finally, we had a short movie introducing FFWPU and the Blessing and we held the „Marriage Rededication Ceremony”.

Some musical and literary performances also colored the program. Some younger second generation children sang a song and we all repeated the refrain together with them: „Man cannot live without a family”. Rumiana Russeva read a short excerpt from True Father’s Autobiography and one newly blessed couple’s wife recited a poem and sang a song about the family. As part of the program, we awarded Mariana Tincheva-Eklesia with the Ambassador for Peace award.

There was a very nice and liberated atmosphere. It was a very special occasion that all the blessed families of Sofia united together and contributed to the success of the event by participating in the preparations and the program as lecturers, performers or officiators of the blessing.

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