Brazil: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

We held a Blessing Festival for the Family (TCM) at the Headquarters of Grand Orient Freemasonry in Brasilia on December 7, 2019.

Heavenly Latin America Subregion 1 Leader (Brazil) and President of FFWPU, Rev. Koichi Sasaki led a special Blessing of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah to 2,000 attendees during a gala dinner hosted by Brazil’s Greater East Freemasonry. This ceremony was made possible by a partnership between the UPF and Freemasonry, through Ambassador of Peace Dr. Munir Abdo Agamme Junior and Dr. Máyra Da Mota Cruz who connected our UPF leaders with Dr. Carlos Teixeira da Silva Filho, President of Soberana Federal Legislative Assembly of the Great East, which, upon learning of the UPF’s activities and understanding of True Parents’ mission and purpose of peace, agreed to hold the entire sacred wine ceremony and Blessing prayer for those present. After the holy wine was shared with everyone, Rev. Koichi Sasaki and his wife Miss. Onnan evoked the Blessing Prayer to the couples present.

On this occasion Rev. Koichi Sasaki spoke about the family-centered in ideal of God as the basis for a world of true brotherhood and peace. He emphasized that by going beyond the barriers of religion, politics, belief or nationality, the UPF has recognized individuals and institutions that have played an important role in improving family, society and nation by acting as true patriots.

At this event, Peace Ambassadors Titles were presented to four of the highest authorities of Freemasonry:

1. Carlos Teixeira da Silva Filho, President of the Sovereign Federal Legislative Assembly of the Great East;

2. Dr. Múcio Bonifácio Guimarães, Grand Master General of the Great East of Brazil;

3. Dr. Ademir Candido da Silva, Grand Assistant Master General of the Greater East of Brazil;

4. The National President of the Cruzeiro do Sul Women’s Brotherhood, Sister-in-law Jussane Lopes Bonifácio Guimarães.

The leaders of Freemasonry spoke and thanked the honor of being recognized by such an important organization as the UPF.

At the time were present political authorities, religious, businessmen, and renowned artists, such as the actor, presenter, film director, voice actor, humorist Dede Santana.

The event was organized by UPF leaders (Pr. Boubacar Diallo, Vice-President of UPF-Brazil and Ms. Eliza Ferreira, Public Relations of the organization), supported by AFUPM leaders and Ambassadors for Peace, Prof. Geovane Barbosa, Dr. Munir Abdo Agamme Junior, Dr. Máyra Da Mota Cruz and Mr. Amilton Gomes.

This ceremony of Blessing and handing over titles of peace ambassadors at Freemasonry headquarters marks an important step of interaction between the two entities.

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