Brazil: Family Festival for Peace

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On November 24, 2019, FFWPU Brazil in partnership with WFWP, YSP, UPF Brazil and Embu das Artes City Hall, hold 12th national Home Group event, under the title “Family Festival for Peace at a Municipal Gymnasium provided by the city hall of Embu das Artes-SP.

The total audience of the main event in Sao Paulo city and Simultaneously in 20 states of Brazil was 4,000, among them 60% were new guests. This event was attended by 70 Peace Ambassadors and authorities in general.

We also had the time of the “Toast for Peace” which was led by Sub-Region Leader 1, Rev. Koichi Sasaki and his wife, when the couples received the Blessing of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah, renewing their marriage vows.

In Sao Paulo and throughout Brazil the “Family Festival for Peace ” featured various attractions such as songs, dances and performances in general, words of authorities, and videos about the theme Family and Peace, as well the deliverance of Peace Ambassadors titles in several states of Brazil.

These efforts are within the strategies to achieve Vision 2020 victory, intensifying the work of reaching communities with witnessing and Blessing, creating the environment for national restoration in 2020, through the spirit and truth of True Parents.

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