Belarus: Blessed Family Education

By Galina Chernomorets, FFWPU Eastern Europe

The Blessed Families Department of the Eastern Europe subregion, in cooperation with Belarus BFD leaders Sergey and Natalia Sharapov, held a program for blessed families in Belarus titled “Love and Respect as the Basis of a Happy Marriage.” The program took place in Korolyovo village on November 30 and December 1, 2019, following a similar program in Moldova several weeks earlier.

In addition to True Parents’ teaching about blessed marriage, the program’s lectures and practical exercises mentioned the studies of famous Christian family counselor Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

There were 18 participants, and there were very good discussions between the husbands and wives. Also some people joined and listened via the Internet.

An important aspect of the program was that all the participants could focus on two or three points which they resolved to apply in their marriage.

After the program, the next day we had a meeting with Belarus BFD – this is a new team created in Belarus. First we spoke about the system of blessed-family care in our region, our mission and our basic approach, and then we discussed the situation of the Belarus blessed- family community and its specific points. I was very happy for Belarus – they have a very nice BFD team, very sincere, caring and wishing to help brothers and sisters in the best way possible.


Blessed husbands: “It was so important. I felt that I really was receiving education for the first time in the 20 years of my marriage. I really could focus on some points that I will put into practice now in my couple.”

“The material and program were really well prepared. Very practical, very clear. I am very grateful to our BFD for organizing that.”

Blessed wives: “I could see some points that I really need to correct in my relationships, I want to try it with my husband. Also I’d like to share this program with others; I am already thinking where to apply it.”

“It was challenging to discuss some issues and very interesting too. I could see better the needs of my husband. Thank you!”

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