Argentina: Bridge of Peace

Prepared by WFWP Argentina

On November 27, 2019 WFWP Argentine Chapter organized the traditional Sisterhood Ceremony “Bridge of Peace” in the city of Buenos Aires.  The event, that took place in the Alhambra Hall of the Spanish Club of Buenos Aires city, gathered women representing different religious traditions and creeds.

The Event was introduced by a board of expositions integrated by 5 different religious denominations: Scientology, Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter –day Saints) Hinduism Vaisnava, Islam and Unification Church, and the topic was to explain the attitude of each tradition toward the interreligious cooperation and the joint effort to serve a common purpose.

After the interesting expositions that showed a deep compromise of working together for a higher purpose and for the sake of humanity, the atmosphere was perfect for strengthening this compromise with a Ceremony that could unite the participants with a sisterhood bonds. 

14 couples of interreligious and intercultural sisters were formed during the event.  Among them also women representing African traditions, Indian Sikh and Christians that offered their artistic performances. 

The event was deep and warm and created a favorable environment to continue the cooperation and the joint service for the sake of the community and the most needed people.

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