Angola: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Angola

It has now been a custom to give blessing in the context of Heavenly Tribal Messiah every Sunday and this Sunday December 15, 2019 was not an exception. We have been conducting blessing ceremonies for couples as part of Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities, a grace given by our True Mother to all of us. On December 15, 2019, the ceremony took place at the national headquarters in the capital city of Luanda – São Paulo, under the theme “Family Blessings and the way for creating Peace, Harmony and Development”. We had 148 participants and we were expecting 6 couples to receive blessing but there were dropouts in the last minutes and only 2 couples and 1 widow received the blessing of marriage from our True Parents.

The event followed the same procedure, began with a brief explanation of blessing of marriage and its importance given by Rev. Kinambuta Sambu Pedro, blessed families director. Participants received a certificate as proof of their commitment to what is to be fulfilled and what they have received through True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.

Participants are committed to creating families that can fulfill God’s will, give birth to pure children who respect the ideal of Creation by focusing on True Love and continue to learn more about the Divine Principle in order to pass on to other families.

The event ended with three cheers of eug mansey and fellowship.

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