A Letter by President of FFWPU USA: All Aboard the New-Ark

Rev. Demian Dunkley, December 23, 2019

Dear Family,

As many are preparing for Christmas and wrapping their gifts, I’m reflecting on the incredible gifts that our True Mother is preparing for God and True Father at this time. The fact that we, as family members of the American movement, are able to participate with and support our True Mother in this victory, is literally blowing my mind a little bit more as each day passes.

About a week ago, True Mother directly adjusted our December 28 program. She said that we do not need to do the Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Instead, we should conduct the official launch of the World Clergy Leadership Conference at the rally, which was previously planned to take place during the clergy seminar on December 27. As True Mother did this, we all started to reflect more deeply on what True Mother is thinking. We were also able to talk directly with Dr. Yun, Secretary-General of Cheon Jeong Gung Headquarters, about the purpose of this change. He mentioned that this event cannot even compare to any other event we have witnessed around the world until now. The significance of the launch of the World Clergy Leadership Conference on December 28 in Newark, New Jersey is the deepest than all the other victories.

In a nutshell, we are establishing a cosmic-level Foundation of Faith, and the summit in Korea this February will be the cosmic-level Foundation of Substance to welcome the Messiah. That means that December 28 is not a national event, not a continental or even global-level event, but a cosmic event that includes both Heaven and Earth. Let me offer my assessment of what we are witnessing right now:

The chosen people of Israel were appointed and prepared to receive the Messiah on the national level, but they did not fulfill their responsibility. They failed to act in accordance with the timing of God’s Will. They perceived Jesus as a risk. He wasn’t what they expected. He challenged their norms and challenged their pride. They cast Jesus as a betrayer and unwittingly chose not to be a part of his victory. As a result, that foundation was lost and the people of Israel were burdened with immeasurable suffering.

However, on the foundation of Jesus’ victory, Christianity was born. Early Christians were willing to risk their lives in order to prepare a foundation for the Messiah to return, so that we might establish the conditions left unfulfilled by the chosen people of Jesus’ time. Now, after 2000 years of Christianity, and 400 years since our eastern shores were touched by the first footsteps of the pilgrims, risking their lives to build a God-loving nation, we are faced with this incredible providential opportunity. We must understand the timing of God’s Will.

What would have happened if the Christian leaders who were prepared to support True Parents fulfilled their responsibility? What would have happened if the 2000-year foundation of Christianity was offered to them? What would True Parents’ ministry have looked like if they were able to stand on the worldwide foundation of Christianity substantially? I believe that True Parents would have developed something like the World Clergy Leadership Conference. That is, in fact, what the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was supposed to be, but True Parents were forced to start from scratch and offer 40 years of indemnity together with our blessed families and members to recover what was lost. And yet, we now find ourselves facing the very real possibility that key Christian leaders actually stand up and work together to fulfill the conditions that the chosen people of 2000 years ago failed to do. In a sense, it is like we are going full circle back to the future to the time when Christianity had its first chance to welcome True Parents.

The very purpose of this nation is to fulfill the mission of Christianity, which is to attend the returning Messiah. If America and Christianity fail to do so, then for what will God need them? When True Parents came to America, we put them in prison. Father asked for 30,000 members as a condition to save the nation, but it was never fulfilled. We are now one week away from a rally for 30,000 clergy, and now we are worried about where to seat them all! Well, we should not worry even for one minute.

Our mobilization leaders and coordinators have done such an incredible job, reaching out to existing and new contacts for weeks in order to register them for this historic event. Several of our outreachers are mothers who work during the day and then go straight out to visit churches at their evening bible studies to invite clergy and their congregations to attend. We have seen an outstanding response.

So, if this is indeed a foundation of faith, and if we as Unificationists find ourselves at the center of this providence, what must we do? Simple. We must march through to the end with absolute faith. In practical terms, I wish for everyone to attend. Everyone should come, and if there are too many guests, we should be willing to offer our seats and welcome them. I wish for us all to be ready to accommodate any adjustment that is needed in order for True Mother to touch as many people as possible.

To all of our blessed families and our youth who are attending the event in person, when True Mother comes onto the stage, please encourage her and protect her with a storm of applause! I’m asking our family members to be the trendsetters of attendance, excitement, and joy in receiving our True Mother on December 28.

Let us go all the way through to the finish line in victory. Please continue with your prayers and conditions, so that we fill our New-Ark with faithful believers, and together we will have made the biggest foundation of faith in history, and the greatest gift we can offer our True Parents.


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