USA: New YAYAM National Director Appointed

Prepared by FFWPU USA

A wave of new leadership has swept through the New York City headquarters office of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA. Most recently, Mrs. Kaeleigh Moffitt was appointed national director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM) in October 2019. “I feel very honored,” said Moffitt. “It’s extremely humbling to be responsible for an amazing generation of young people that I am genuinely proud of.”

Moffitt was previously the national youth ministry coordinator of FFWPU-USA, but her heart for youth and passionate involvement in her work led to this advancement. “I want our young people to feel sincerely and wholeheartedly connected to the amazing things happening,” said Moffitt. “And I want our team to be genuinely excited and inspired about the work we are doing.”

A Maryland native, Moffitt has been participating in youth leadership roles since the age of 16, when she first began working as a youth pastor in her local Unificationist community—a role she filled for 10 years. She learned exponentially throughout her time as a youth pastor, helping young people discover God for the first time, develop confidence, and embrace hope and love. Moffitt’s colleagues quickly took notice of her zeal. “She made extra effort to make sure that everyone was having a good experience in the programs that we prepared,” said former YAYAM National Director Naokimi Ushiroda. “I have full confidence that she will do even greater things for our youth community in her new role.”

When Moffitt was pregnant with her first child in 2013, she decided to step down from her position as the youth pastor. But shortly after, in 2014, the role of national youth ministry coordinator opened up and she was inspired to take on the responsibility. This new endeavor presented many challenging and life-changing experiences over the next five years, but it also helped Moffitt develop and grow, preparing her for her current role. “Kaleigh really embodies all of the things that we are looking for in great leaders,” said FFWPU-USA President Rev. Demian Dunkley. “We are so excited to see how she will bring a fresh perspective in her new role and inspire the younger generations.”

In summer 2019, Moffitt and a team from FFWPU-USA hosted a leaders’ summit for youth and young adult leaders. They approached the weekend summit differently than previous leadership trainings, with the clear purpose of establishing a strong sense of hope about the direction of the Unification movement. “So many miraculous experiences happened that weekend full of healing, growth, and deep connection,” said Moffitt. “I realized how much we desperately want to connect to God’s providence in a real and substantial way, and that if we can build a network and platform to do that, our generation will be unstoppable.”

Although excited to take on more challenges, Moffitt expressed that she is still learning how to balance her family and work life, now married for 11 years and the mother of three young children. “It’s been an adjustment, but I have an amazing husband and very supportive parents and in-laws who make it all work,” said Moffitt. “My family will always be my priority, but I also find that giving to a public purpose makes me a better wife, better mom, better daughter, and better sister.”

Moffitt has spearheaded the launch of the Young Clergy Leadership Conference (YCLC), partnering with the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) which was first established in May 2000.

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  1. Marion Miller says:

    A game changer: Second Gen power will truly be a wonderful injection for Victory in 2020!!
    Congratulations, warm wishes, great desire to cooperate for a powerful synergy.
    Come to Delaware, Marion Miller, State Leader

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