Ukraine: Opening of Global Future Leadership Program

Prepared by FFWPU Ukraine

On October 14, 2019, we had the opening of Global Future Leadership program. We were honored to have our Eastern Europe Regional President Rev. Jack Corley and Eastern Europe secretary general Elena Kalmatskaya.

Having experience of 1-year educational program for first generation youth whom we witness, we decided to open similar 1-year educational program for second generation. The program is called Global Future Leadership (GFL) that reflects True Mother’s desire to raise youth, especially second and third generation, as global leaders.

The GFL schedule includes fundraising and witnessing experience, 21-days DP workshop, internship in witnessing centers, business, UPF and WFWP. There will be 3-7-days workshops between each main step.

12 people from seven countries applied for GFL program. 11 of them passed 40-days FR condition and could share their experience at the GFL opening to Kyiv. The opening ceremony continued with the workshop as the preparation for 40-days witnessing condition in Ukraine. The participants were inspired to hear the presentations, to visit some providential places and places of interest, to enjoy the concert and to spend the whole day at the New Hope Farm in Ukraine together with Ukrainian elder second generation and witnessing center members.

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