Ukraine: Autumn Vacation Programs for the Youth

Prepared by FFWPU Ukraine

Various activities were organized for the second generation of Ukraine during their autumn school holidays from October 28 to November 1, 2019

For 13 children between 10 and 12 years old, there was a five-day sports and language camp at the New Hope Farm. Children played football and volleyball and studied English and Korean every day. Korean and Japanese second and third generation who are studying in Ukraine organized Korean classes and traditional games for the children and became the most impressive part of the program!

Nine children aged 13 years and older took part in a two-day workshop, followed by four days of witnessing in the cities of Odessa, Dnipro and Zhytomyr. The children fully participated in the witnessing center activities, celebrated Halloween together with guests, and had many deep realizations. At Sunday Service they spoke about their experiences.


  • “I set many goals for myself during this witnessing condition—for example, to be sincere in approaching people, to attend brothers and sisters in the center, and to understand more deeply the meaning of witnessing. I was faced with many limitations. For example, I decided that I could attend others by washing dishes and making tea for them, but already after doing it once I thought that it was enough. Through this I realized that my understanding of the meaning of witnessing was only 50 percent. So I feel I have much more to do.” (Vera, 13 years old).
  • “When I went to Odessa for witnessing, I decided for myself that I wanted to invest something in the center: to find a guest who would keep coming to our programs. I set a goal to learn to take care of people on a long-term basis: to keep writing to them and praying even after I go back home.”
  • “In the beginning it was very difficult. I understood in theory what witnessing is. Already I had done it many times. But in my heart I couldn’t feel that. However, a blessed wife who came together with us helped me a lot. After talking to her, I realized my problem and decided to write in my diary every day to analyze deeply my feelings and thoughts. Based on that, I could find a good guest who is still coming to the center!” (Liza, 16 years old).

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