True Peace Magazine October 2019 Issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team

Main Contents

1. ARTICLE ONE: The Basis and Significance of True Mother’s Victory in Nagoya


  • Harmony among the Sciences and the Search for Absolute Values
  • The Long, Necessary Course to Unity
  • How Best to Enter the Eternal World
  • The Long Course to Today’s Blessing Ceremony
  • Purpose, Direction and Renewed Hope

3. PICTORIAL SECTION: Photo Memories

4. SUMMIT: Japan Summit and Leadership Conference 2019 in Nagoya

5. Rising Hope for Restoration in Southeast Europe

6. REGIONAL NEWS: South Africa: Training to Bless Others

7. Thailand: The Substantiation of Cheon Il Guk in Kalasin Province, Thailand

8. SUN HAK PEACE PRIZE: A Public-Focused Life

9. SUN HAK PEACE PRIZE: An Arab Christian Leader in the Middle East

10. SUN HAK PEACE PRIZE: A Catalyst for Development

11. ANCESTORS: Brazil’s 2019 Heavenly Latin America Tour

12. TESTIMONY: My Journey, My Faith

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