True Mother’s Prayer and Message at the Family Festival & Peace Blessing in Tirana, Albania

True Mother officiated at the Family Festival and Peace Blessing in Tirana, Albania on October 27, 2019. She also spoke to all the blessed couples at the conclusion of the Ceremony, strongly encouraging them to live for a higher purpose. Here are the Blessing Prayer and Speech from that day.

Blessing Prayer

Heavenly Parent, we are thankful and truly grateful. Heavenly Parent, we know how much You have looked forward to this day. Thank you for blessing and being with the 1,200 couples who have gathered here today, representing the 12,000 couples who have received the Blessing and are newly reborn as Your children.

When we think of the past in Albania, we know that its people have gone through a sorrowful history. God, please watch over this country and embrace its people. Through the birth of these newly blessed families who can open the new age of Heavenly Albania that attends Heavenly Parent, please liberate, in this moment, the resentment and pain of ancestors who unjustly suffered and died in the past. I know that all Your children blessed today will do their utmost to complete our Heavenly Parent’s providence both in the spiritual and physical worlds.

Heavenly Parent, thank you. How long have You endured and waited for this day to come? Now, Albania is no longer that nation in the Balkans with a miserable past, but a Heavenly Albania where You preside, a nation that can stand at the center of this world. I sincerely thank You for bestowing grace allowing Your providential Will to further expand through the blessed families who have received the Blessing today.

Now, the government, religious leaders, and the people of Albania have become registered as citizens of Cheon Il Guk, a wish that You have longed for so dearly. Please remember this occasion.

Today, we open a new page as You watch over this Blessing and the people of Albania feel hope for the future and begin anew as chosen families of Heavenly Albania where You are present. So I pray that You will remember and bless this people!

I pray and proclaim all these things in True Parents’ name!

True Mother’s Speech

Congratulations to all those who have received the Blessing today. You are all chosen families with no ties to the fallen world, who can bring about Heavenly Parent’s dream.

Yesterday, I proclaimed in front of Heaven that Albania has become a Heavenly Albania that attends the Heavenly Parent. Therefore, as Heavenly Albania, you have responsibilities to fulfill.

There is something I would like to say here today. I will guide Heavenly Albania and the other Balkan nations on how to become one and how to build a world where they live together in peace and prosperity, as you have all longed for.

Today, we held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Cheon Il Guk Embassy. The embassy will work through the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP), International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) and other organizations to bring together the Balkan nations as a place to educate and put things in action for future generations, for the achievement of a world of peace.

The nations of the Balkan Peninsula should look to the world. Do not lament over not having become a member of the European Union. In the past, the Balkan Peninsula was the gateway to Asia. All the nations located on the peninsula can enjoy freedom. In order to do this, the people must be strong. Now that Albania has become a new Heavenly Albania that attends Heavenly Parent, the people of Albania should not just live for themselves but live for the sake of others and practice true love. Therefore, if Albania grows into a nation that can influence all nations on the Balkan Peninsula, then they can become one.

The world is vast. There is the huge continent of Asia and the continent of Africa. Even if the African continent is “the last” compared to the continent of Europe, it is “the first” continent from the view of the providence. In other words, from the perspective of the future, Africa is a continent of hope. I sincerely hope that, centered on all of you, Albania will accept Heaven’s providence, become one with True Mother, God’s only begotten Daughter, and become a leading and pioneering Heavenly Albania that reaches out to the world. Therefore, I would like to appoint former president Moisiu as chairman of the steering committee for this initiative. We will work to bring together the Balkan nations, bring it to become a region that Heavenly Parent can bless, and one that can reach out to work on the global stage. I will provide a fund that will be used to help the Balkan Peninsula become such a region. 

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