True Mother’s Message at the Victory Celebration – Rally of Hope in Yeongnam Area

The following is True Mother’s address at Victory Celebration at Changwon Church following the 2019 Rally of Hope for Local Community Leaders in the Yeongnam Area in Support of a Heavenly Unified Korea on Sunday, November 10, 2019.

How long has it been since I last came here? It’s been six years and six months. Should I have come a little later?

Do you clearly remember what I spoke about today? Does today’s rally imply that the heavenly nation of Gyeongsang [subregion] can do it?

We have immense support from Heaven, right? God, the original Creator, had a dream when He created all things in the universe. He created humans, but humans did not fulfill their responsibilities. That is why He led the providential history of salvation through restoration, and, after 4,000 years, He sent Jesus Christ.

Why would He send Jesus Christ? Christians today understand neither God’s nor Jesus’ true essence. The Lord of Creation waited and waited for 4,000 years before He could send his Only Begotten Son, Jesus, to this fallen world, whom He could call “My Son.” What should have happened in accordance with God’s Principle of Creation? Christianity did not fulfill its responsibilities. Catholicism and Protestantism came into being centered on people. How is it possible that Christianity, whose members believe in one God and one Jesus Christ, has so many denominations? Denominations and sects arose centered on human beings. Do you understand? Thanks to True Parents, you came to know both God’s essence and Jesus’ essence.

Do you remember Matthew 7:7? “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” What are you afraid of? Today’s Christians should recite this verse hundreds of times—nay, thousands of times—and then search for the Unification Church. And you [Unificationists], on the other hand, have nothing to fear. You should teach them, shouldn’t you? For you were called and blessed first and ought to guide those people. What are you afraid of? There is nothing to be afraid of! Be bold!

The person whom Christians should have waited for and the one they ought to be looking for is the Only Begotten Daughter. The Bible [Matthew 12:32] clearly expresses that anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the ages to come. It is definitive. There is no salvation [for them].

Today, only through True Parents can humankind stand blessed before God. Aju? There is no doubt that the Korean people have been particularly blessed and protected by God for a long time. Therefore, it is not the politicians who are the owners, but God the Creator, the Heavenly Parent. True Parents are the ones working to realize Heavenly Parent’s dream. Humanity and this country can be blessed as children of God only through True Parents. This is such a bold, beautiful and good thing for which we should be grateful. Will you then do good deeds?

Today, Regional Director Yeong-bae Park spoke with authority and conviction. Local community leaders, you have to educate and guide the political leaders of all localities so that citizens exalting God’s dream multiply by more than 120 percent. Do you understand True Parents’ ideal? You have to tell them, “Only those who love True Parents—and at this time especially True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter—can take charge of the townships in this country. You have to say, “I accept their teachings!” I hope you all will move forward with confidence and authority.

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