True Mother’s Message at the Southeast Europe Peace Summit in Tirana, Albania

The following message was given by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon at the 2019 Southeast Europe Peace Summit opening plenary, held at the Palace of Congresses in Tirana, Albania, on October 26, 2019.

Respected current and former heads of states, peace ambassadors, religious leaders, leaders from all fields of society, and members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification:

On this historic day in Albania, I wish to share with you an important message from God.

I was born on the Korean Peninsula, and today I stand here, in the nation of Albania, on the Balkan Peninsula. I believe that peninsulas are especially blessed lands. Not only are the natural environments truly beautiful, but the people living in these regions are also virtuous men and women.

When we look at human history, we see that many good and virtuous people have suffered. God, the owner of the universe, created all things in His image. After He created all things, He created a man and a woman to become humanity’s first ancestors. He then gave them a responsibility. Human beings were meant to grow to maturity and receive God’s Blessing. Only then would they be in the position of humanity’s true ancestors. Unfortunately, this did not happen and, as a result, we have today’s fallen humanity.

Though we say that fallen people’s original minds are good, the lack of a supporting environment has resulted in thousands of years of human history filled with war and conflict. I have said to you that I come from a peninsula. God’s providence comes to completion through a good people. From that standpoint, you will receive more explanation later, but I have come to Albania with the qualification of the True Mother, God’s only begotten Daughter, who can bring about the completion of Heaven’s providence.

There is no doubt that the European culture is positioned at the center of human civilization. We have also not been able to find a hopeful answer to all the problems arising in the world today. It was just mentioned that the hope of some of the nations on the Balkan Peninsula is to join the European Union. When we look at the recent history of Europe, Europe went through the First and Second World Wars. After experiencing the harsh and miserable realities of war, they did not want to repeat this anymore and established the United Nations to build a world of peace together. It is almost 75 years since the United Nations was founded. However, can you say that the UN has fulfilled its responsibilities? Something fundamental is missing.

The United Nations, whose member nations, both large and small, are unable to put aside their own national interests, cannot become a unified body. The situation is the same with the European Union. Both large and small nations prioritize their national interests. There is no true love that lives for the sake of the others. So what I would like to say here is that any group or organization established centered on man cannot last for eternity.

I say that if we truly want a future for humanity and this beautiful earth, human-centered systems are not enough. There is only one way to peace. A world of peace can only be realized when we attend God, the Creator and absolute being who owns this universe. 

As I just mentioned, God lastly created a man and woman to become the first human ancestors. However, they were not able to grow to the position Heaven wanted them to attain, and this has resulted in today’s fallen humanity. Fallen humankind cannot go to Heaven because the Fall is a big barrier that human beings cannot break.

God is almighty, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. God is eternal. He is the Alpha and the Omega. The issue is that from among human beings must come a victorious ancestor in order for all the mistakes and problems to be resolved. Thus, God chose the nation of Israel and conducted the providence to put to right through indemnity the wrongful past. He had to wait until a foundation was established and expanded from the individual to the tribe, a people, and then a nation. How difficult must this road have been that it took four thousand years for God to finally send His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, whom He could call, “My son!” However, what happened? The day, when humanity’s wish would finally come true after 4,000 years, was at hand, and yet, the central figures and the Jewish people around Jesus failed to fulfill their responsibilities. From God’s perspective, this must have been excruciatingly painful and bitter. A pain so extreme God would have not wanted to see humankind ever again.

In the beginning, God created a man and woman. This is why, as he was on the cross, Jesus said He would return. Christianity began through the Pentecost and through the work of the apostles. However, Christianity could not clearly explain who God was. Jesus said [in Matthew 22:39], “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, [Christians] were not able to practice that. How could communism, which asserts that God does not exist, emerge out of the foundation of Christianity? The conclusion is that without God, human-centered institutions and systems that exclude God cannot be perfect.

In order to save fallen humanity, God has allowed many religions to exist around the world. All religions have the same purpose; they are all going in one direction. They each wish to meet God, the Lord of Creation. So, what should religions be able to do? They should be able to explain God’s essence. They should be able to explain why salvation is necessary.

God’s providence is mysterious. God could not work His providence through the people of Israel again, as they were unable to fulfill their responsibilities. He therefore chose the good people on the Korean Peninsula in Asia. Jesus said he would return and celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Thus, God brought about the birth of His only begotten Daughter, who was to become the returning Lord’s partner in marriage. Christianity today is not aware of this reality. There is no perfection in ignorance. You need to be aware of this. If today’s religious and political leaders love their people, they must be able to listen to the voice of God. No man-made systems can last for eternity. This is why I, God’s only begotten Daughter, born for the sake of the completion of the providence, accepted God’s call, and in 1960 we moved to the position of the True Parents.

What is humanity’s desire? The mistakes committed by humankind’s first parents resulted in today’s fallen humanity. To restore this through indemnity, we need to meet the perfected True Parents on earth and pass through the process of rebirth and resurrection. Then, we can become children of the Creator God, our Heavenly Parent.

There are people throughout the world today who do not know that the truth has been revealed. Please make an effort to search, study and find out the truth. Those standing on the Christian foundation failed to prepare the necessary environment for True Parents’ path. Due to ignorance, they could not recognize the True Parents. As the True Parents of humanity, only True Parents can guide all 7.7 billion people of the world to the Heavenly Parent. Hence, we have conducted Blessing Ceremonies from 1960 to this day, and now, we have blessed families in at least 192 countries.

Continents are welcoming this foundation. Can anyone deny the truth after finding it and realizing what is true? Can a nation do so? They come to realize that all people are becoming Heavenly Parent’s children through True Parents. Is this a problem? No, this is something they will welcome.

To True Parents, all people and nations, large and small, are siblings and sibling nations. If they know the True Parents, who they are able to finally meet after a long search of 6,000 years, can there be any non-filial children in front of such Parents? Now they know the truth and what is true, and just as Heavenly Parent is eternal, the True Parents have opened the path for all people to follow into the eternal world after our short lives on earth. How can there be different groups, branches and divisions? There is only one path.

Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve fell because they did not go on the same one path as God. Through True Parents, however, humanity today can now substantially take this path. I would like to say this: I know the hopes of all the nations on the Balkan Peninsula. However, when we think of the European continent, Albania might be considered to be the last. However, it is written in the Bible, [Matthew 19:30] that “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” You do not need to be disappointed because you could not join the European Union. As you here are the first, you need to embrace the people of Europe who are the last.

How amazing this truth is! God will be with you wherever you go. From this point, if Albania overcomes all the pain of the past it is holding onto and is reborn as the heavenly nation of Albania attending God, it is not a problem for Europe to become one. The world, together with you, will want to realize Heavenly Parent’s dream. I sincerely hope that Albania will stand at the forefront of creating one family of humankind under God.

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