Taiwan: Hyeojeong CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

On October 26 to 27, 2019 we held a two day HJ CheongBO Special event. And here are some reflections from the participants:

Ye Guo Chuan, 400 Million Couples for Church in Tainan: For the first time, the Great Works has changed. The event was held for the people to receive love from Heaven. However, we were able to pour our efforts for Heavenly Parent this time. As I was practicing with few of our choir members, I was able to feel that we were really receiving lots of love from Heaven. As a member of the choir, I worked hard so the people can feel the love of Heavenly Parent. First of all, I thought I should unite with a person who is in the position of Abel and be committed on what I should be doing, centered on God. Since this was the choir’s first time, we didn’t get a chance to be on the stage. However, they really worked hard. Also, I decided that I should work harder and try harder. The Great Works which our brothers and sisters poured their efforts with their sweat and sincerity, was a great success. Thank you very much. I clearly felt eternal love of Heavenly Parent and realized that HyoJeong is the best way to receive Heaven’s luck.

From the lecture given by our Regional Director, I was able to gain thankfulness and confidence. I learned that the Unification church is welcomed by many countries around the world now. Also, the church members from Taiwan are experiencing results of the hard works that they had invested. In fact, three churches already reached the goal. When pastors went up to the stage, they looked like the 12 apostles, as if they are the true leaders, guiding churches in Taiwan to receiving such precious blessings and praises of Heavenly Parent.

Su Ming Hong, 36,000 couples, from Taichung Church: This Great Works was a moment of inspiration. When we heard that the True Parents will be arriving on Nov. 23, we spent time on building internal and external foundations to fully offer this nation to True Parents and Heavenly Parent. For 2 months, my mother and I looked for people to send them to the Blessing Ceremony. Yesterday, on the first day of the Hyojeong Cheonbo Great Works, I heard that we had finally gathered 80 people, which my mother and I worked so hard to bring them to the Blessing. Thank you very much Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Xu Yu Cheng, from Taichung Church: On the first day, during the time of “Chan-yang,” I felt that the atmosphere was subtle in the beginning. I understood the time of “Chan-yang” realistically, not through my heart. I only thought of washing away the four great sins. At the end of the first cycle, I thought of how I just wasted time last time when they were here and couldn’t receive enough grace from Heaven. This time, I devoted myself to “Chan-yang” from the second cycle. I pounded my head hard when it was time to hit my head to separate evil spirits from my body. At that time, I felt something hot burning inside my body. And I heard “My child, you are working so hard! Your effort and participation in this Great Works will provide a way to pay off sins your ancestors have committed in the past. Thank you very much! We will always look after you! Cheer up and your efforts will never be wasted!” I started crying and felt a heart of consolation. I realized that my ancestors have been watching how hard I had worked. In the end, I realized that the “Chang-yang” time not only separated evil sins and spirits from my body but also washed away and provided a way to pay off sins that were rooted in my family’s lineage. My ancestors were waiting for me, for their descendant on earth to help them with liberating them from the scourge of pain. How can I sit still, while I can completely get rid of my family’s sins and open a new path for my family in this Messianic Era. In addition, I realized that the pain and hard works that I am going through are nothing compared to the misery which Heavenly Parent had felt when he lost all his children on earth and the pain that the True Parents went through to save the world.

At this moment, the complaints and grudges in my mind have turned into great appreciation. I want to thank Heavenly Parent, True Parents, my ancestors and myself for putting lots of efforts.

I wasn’t planning on participating the event, because I had too many things to take care of, regarding my family issues. One day, I prayed and heard God’s message saying “you have to go!” I was debating whether to go or not. Eventually, I decided to go. Also, I knew that my mind and heart was not ready to participate in the Chan-yang. Now, I have come to realize that satan was trying to stop me from participating the event. I also realized that the Heavenly Parent was waiting for me and he had great things prepared for me. Thank you very much for holding Hyojeong Great Works and sending heavenly fortunes to Taiwan in the grace of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and liberating our ancestors.

Li Ling Wei, High School Senior, 2nd Gen from Ping Tung Church: Before entering the center, my heart was unstable. Then, when the STF group started singing holy songs on the stage, I felt happiness filling up the atmosphere. Slowly, I remembered the old days when I worked hard in the church as a teenager. Looking back in the old days, when I prepared for the college entrance exam, I was a teenager slowly walking away from Heavenly Parent. My faith slowly declined and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. In fact, I couldn’t find my future goals. When people told me to believe in Heavenly Parent and he will guide me to the right path, I thought “Shouldn’t I be trying hard to find my own path?” However, I couldn’t find my path either. Therefore, my goals became blurry and motivation faded. However, I felt an impulse when I saw STF group on the stage singing with their spirits of grace and young 2nd gens working hard. Also, I wanted to work hard with them. True Mother always said that we should march forward and lead the way, but I was not that kind of a person. I always hid behind. Then, I decided to stand strong from now on. My goals became clear as I was looking at the young adults singing with bright spirits and giving me inspiration. We will be attending True Mother very soon. We will pour our fullest effort to meet the goal.

Du Lan Hua, From Headquarter Church: Rev. Bang and brothers and sisters from CP, thank you very much for coming all the way to Taiwan and providing us an opportunity to receive the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I believe that brothers and sisters in Taiwan will become one and attend True Parents great success.

I am determined to reach the goal of Tribal Messiahship and continue to witness even after fulfilling 430 families. I will work hard to restore this nation by the Vision 2020. Even though we don’t fully restore this nation on the day of Vision 2020, I will try my hardest to restore this nation until I die. Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the grace.

Luo Jia Wen, 40M Couples, from Dan Shui Church: I would like to thank Mr. Lee for his great translation. I was able to understand clearly what the lecturer was saying. For Chan-yang, I learned to feel my heart and control my feelings. I was able to receive grace pouring onto us by True Parents and found my weaknesses. The pain that was deeply rooted inside of me vanished as I was crying hard and poured my whole effort during “Chan-yang.” Thank you very much!

Chen Bai Sheng from Taichung Church: During the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, I sang and hit as I hard as I could to fully immerse myself into Chan-yang. Then, I found peace in myself. When I went into a room for the special prayer, I felt strong energy and inspiration which I’ve never felt before. Before, I didn’t feel something special during Chan-yang and I’ve always wondered and questioned for doing it. However, it was different this time. I felt strong power rising inside of me and natural comfort flowing out of my heart. After the prayer, I started bowing and I was supposed to bow seven times. But, since I was fully immersed in to my heart, I bowed more than seven times without noticing. I was inspired how I could really throw myself into this act. Then I realized how I rushed myself to finish bowing and praying before. I think Heavenly Parent wanted me stay calm and immerse myself into his heart and feel his message.

When I heard “Your wishes have been sent to Heavenly Parent” during the Offering Ceremony, I got inspired, because I also felt strong sense of assurance that Heavenly Parent will solve any issues for his children. I was deeply moved by everything on the way to the special prayer room. I didn’t ask myself any question, because it was just natural as if I was breathing. Heavenly Parent was always with us like an air and his love was always with us too, flowing between us.

Shi me ei sho, a blessed member from Headquarters church: I received lots of grace during the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony for 430 generations. I thought of the first moment when I participated in the CP Great Works, and receiving Ansu from the lecturer. This time, my husband and I had another chance to receive Ansu from Administrative Director of Office for Japanese of HJ Cheonbowon. During Unison Prayer, I couldn’t stop crying. I was sure that Heavenly Parent, True Parents and my ancestors were always there for me in the past and they will always guide me in the future also. I will push hard for the 11/23 rally to complete the mission as a Tribal Messiah and I will send great happiness to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Cai Fen Lian, 36 couples, from Kaohsiung Church: I clearly understood the seven steps to separate evil spirits from the lecture given by Mr. Lee. I received lots of grace from the Great Works. I received Ansu two times and went into the special prayer room and participated in the 40 days hoy ground tour. I finally realized that I was able to separate the major evil spirit from my body. Before, I had many chances to receive Ansu from the staff members. This time, I also prayed so that my husband could receive Ansu from the staff member and when the one of the staff members walked into the row where he was sitting and started giving Ansu to my husband, I cried so hard with happiness and with appreciation to Heavenly Parent. Since the start of the Ancestor Liberation for 430 generations from October, lots of members in Taiwan received tremendous grace from Heavenly Parent. We felt great love of True Parents and I want to really thank True Mother for her efforts and great works.

Through the lecture given on the first day, I felt that we are living in an era of miracle. There are many miracles happening around the world and I believe that we can bring miracles if we align ourselves with True Parents. It is hopeful and we will make the 11/23 rally a great success, with True Mother and brothers and sisters.

Cai Bin Quan, 30,000 couples, from Pingtung Church: I just want to thank you and share my appreciation to everyone. It is miracle that my family could liberate all the 430 generations of ancestors. My family faced a serious financial difficulty while liberating our ancestors. We spent many days paying off our debts. However, we were determined to liberate our suffering ancestors even at the risk of having lots of debts. However, we are not going through any difficulties anymore. In fact, our lives are getting better and happier. Our relationship got better, three of our children are healthy and growing well and we were able to focus on our faith. When I think about it, how was I supposed to bring these great results without Heavenly Parent and our ancestors’ help? I really want to thank Heavenly Parent for his grace and True Parents for giving us opportunities to live better. I will work harder to give back great love to True Parents.

Yang Xin Yi, 36 Couples from Taotuan Church: Thank you very much that I was able to participate in this Cheonbo Workshop. Also, I deeply understood significance of True Mother’s message. There were many spiritual children that I witnessed. Two couples received the Blessings but one broke up. I feel very sad about it. However, after receiving workshops for four times from last year until this day with my husband, parents and with the blessed couple, my spiritual children, we were able to go through the 40 days of sanctification and three day ceremony. Also, I was able to send two more couples to the three day ceremony and newlyweds couple workshops. I strongly believe that we were able to bring these results by liberating our 430 generations of ancestors, the blessings which True Mother provided for everyone. I also believe that she is encouraging us to make greatest results. This providential time is very important. I will work harder for the 11/23 rally. I will bring great results to bring happiness to True Parents so I can be happy also.

Cai Li eng 30,000 couples from Taoyuan Church

I finally completed liberating 430 generations of ancestors which took 20 years. It was a long journey for me. I want to thank True Parents for protecting us and giving love. Even though I can’t really feel spiritual world and don’t know about it, I decided to complete liberating and blessings of ancestors, as they had urged us to do. Sometimes I wonder whether spiritual world exists or not with a suspicion.

However, during today’s Ancestor Liberation event, I felt that our ancestors are now free from a long suffering and they are happy. Also, I felt that they are seeking for good and right things not bad things. Before, I always resented my ancestors for the sins they have committed. However, during this Great Works, I realized that they are poor spirits who are seeking for people to liberate them, including the evil spirits that are attached to our bodies. I really want to thank the choir team for their hard work, for the great Chan-yang that really inspired me. The sincere prayer of the president trembled the whole place with spiritual power with his ardent will that we can restore Taiwan and offer this nation to True Parents. Also, that prayer consoled our hearts and souls.

The lecture given by Mr. Lee, our regional director, gave answers to all the questions and wonders that I had about the ancestor liberation. The difference between other churches and ours is that we attend True Parents. True Parents were sent to earth for three reasons: to liberate God, humanity through Blessing and the spiritual world through Ancestor Liberation. Their lives were sacrificed for all these reasons. Heavenly Parent can exist freely when all of the humanity and spiritual realm are fully liberated. These are the reasons why True Parents emphasized that we must all liberate 430 generations of ancestors vertically and 430 families horizontally. His lecture clearly gave me answer to my long-waited question of why I had to complete Tribal Messiahship work and liberate ancestors. Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for protecting me. Thank you very much for always giving me the power to continue liberating ancestors, in the midst of constant wonders and suspicions. Through the lecture today, I was able to realize how True Parents are pouring their love on us.

Zhu Hui Zhen 30,000 couples, from Kaohsiung Church: I was happy to join this Great Works with my daughter. Also, I was thankful to receive the staff member’s Ansu. From a month ago, I have been taking medicine to relieve pain for headache. One of the staff members came to give Ansu on my head and started hitting my head. At first, the headache emitted pain throughout my whole head, but after the Chan-yang session, the pain disappeared completely.

When I was hitting on the first day, it gave pain. However, it became okay on the second day. I was moved by the miracles that happened to me, especially during the special prayer session. I cried so hard. My health and conscious became clear and better which allowed me to fully devote myself for the workshop. Also, I did collateral liberation for my friends and I felt them having conversation with Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I felt that they were with me spiritually.

When I arrived at Taipei, I met two women who lost their husbands. Then, they applied to attend 11/23 rally. I was very happy to meet them.

A month ago, I had dream of True Mother visiting Taiwan. I am thankful to receive grace and blessings.

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