Switzerland: A Testimony to Guida Gindroz

By Heiner & Carolyn Handschin, FFWPU Switzerland

Guida Gindroz was on the way to conduct a large Blessing and educational event in Zambesi, Zambia under the Patronage of HRH the Chief of Zambezi, when the car went off the road and overturned several times. During this tragic accident, the 4 passengers were injured and unfortunately Guida, on the way to the nearest hospital, passed on to spirit world on October 15, 2019. According to Guida’s wish, and upon agreement with the Gindroz family, it was decided to hold a special Seonghwa Ceremony in the National HQ church in Zambia and that she would be buried in the church cemetery in Lusaka. Therefore on October 22, 2019 in the presence of the Leadership of FFWPU Zambia as well as the African Cheonbo Director, Rev. Chung, and in the presence of state and local officials, the special Seonghwa Ceremony was held for her.

The local Chief offered deep words of appreciation for Guida, announcing that a new industrial complex as well as street would be named after Guida Gindroz.

The many Seonghwa messages included; Rev. Bakari CAMARA and his wife, Group chair of the African region, Rev. Robert WILLIAMSON, Rev. Abe WONE, and many national leaders and friends from Africa. The Zambian family offered week-long conditions of prayer and fasting and created a beautiful atmosphere of serenity and love expressed through their songs and dances.

Guida’s husband and their eldest son attended the ceremony while the other part of the family followed the beautiful ceremony in the FFWPU HQ of Switzerland through direct internet transmission. Guida life ended very abruptly while doing the missionary work she loved so dearly. She was fully motivated to help to lay the foundation for national restoration, be it in Zambia as well as in Switzerland, through Blessing campaigns and the establishment of a network of victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs that are the foundation for bringing all nations back to God. Her sacrificial life and service for others will be dearly remembered.

A Testimony to the Life Course of Guida Gindroz

Guida Gindroz was born the 24th of may 1953 in Ilha de Mozambique. Her parents where there in Nampula and had a farm, her Father came for a program of planting trees in Mozambique many years before, and her mother came later and developed a sawing school and had missionary activities. Her mother had many dreams that her daughter would accomplish great deeds. She studied in Mozambique and Portugal, mainly medicine for 5 years.

In 1975 she met the movement in Coimbra center of Portugal and quit her studies to join the Unification Family. She worked as a missionary in Portugal for some years, then England and Scotland in the framework of the home church providence. Then in 1980 she joined the CARP movement in Munich Germany for two years.

She was matched in 1981 in Camberg by True Parents with her husband Rémy Gindroz from Switzerland. Her mother had had dreams that she would go and live in this country. The couple participated in the Blessing in New York 1982, Madison Square Garden, as part of the 2075 couples Blessing ceremony 1983 the couple joined IOWC in the United States and they travelled throughout the country, from Wyoming to Washington State, moving every month from one state to another. It was a very tense time at the height of the cold war and True Father mobilized many members to go to the US. That time Father went to Danbury. She worked in Seattle for two years, while her husband was in Sacramento and they worked with Christian ministers, schools and universities.

In 1986 they retured to Switzerland and started their family. Guida became a Mother of 4 children; Jonah, Lucilia, Diego and Stéphane. Taking care, educating and raising the four children, she did at the same time Lausanne church leader mission as well as hometown activities.

Her strong desire to do mission remained all the years until 2014, when she decided to spend one whole year in the Philippines and learn about the HTM activities there. She accomplished her 430 couples tribe in the Philippines and after that one year she asked the Swiss National leader for a special mission in the field of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. Seeing the narrow concepts in Switzerland, she worked together with the National Leader to develop a strategy to empower blessed families facing the challenge of fulfilling the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission based on blessing 430 couples. She often quoted True Father’s words: “If a nation has 12 successful Tribal Messiah, the national restoration will go more quickly”. Based on this thinking, 13 Swiss blessed families initially decided to launch FAZ (Family Aid Zambia) for the purpose of helping to bring many families in Africa under Heaven’s lineage, develop humanitarian and educational programs and partnerships between Switzerland and Zambia- and offer this as a foundation for the restoration of Switzerland.

With this backing and a clear project in mind, in 2017, she went for the first time to Zambia and fell in love with the people, brothers and sisters and the country. This marked the beginning of a very intensive effort to bless many couples and families in various parts of Zambia. Over a 2 year period, she blessed more than 10000 couples and always seriously followed up on their path to a life of a blessed family. She worked together with Ms. Mechthild Kölbener who also went to Zambia in support of the project. Guida went there for several periods of 6 months at a time and came back offering rich reports of the results and experiences to Switzerland. She sometimes joined the Monday evening Swiss leaders Zoom call from Zambia.

Resolved to bring a great victory for our Heavenly parent, she determined to take the long 900 km road to Zambezi and realize a great rally there together with the local Chief. On this way, unfortunately Guida passed away October 15 2019 in a car accident, leaving this major project undone.

Her husband stated: “Guida was born as missionary and she passed on as missionary. That was her life. She was born in Africa and she passed away in Africa. She always felt that she was part of this continent.”

May the Heavenly Parent and True Parents embrace her and guide her safely to her new life. A special Memorial Service in celebration of Guida’s legacy will be held on November 3, 2019 at the Swiss National HQ and Peace Embassy.

Any donations for the family can be addressed to the following account:

  • Jonah Gindroz
  • 135, Rte de Monts-de-Lavaux 1090 La Croix (Lutry) Switzerland
  • Bank:
  • BCV
  • 1001 Lausanne
  • IBAN: CH42 00767 000H 5029 2180 BIC/SWIFT: BCVLCH2LXXX

In deepest gratitude for all efforts and support towards the family.

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