Spain: Blessed Families Workshop

By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

We hold a two-day blessed family workshop on November 16 and 17, 2019 in Manantial del Corazon with great help of Franz and Patrizia from Italy, and the support of the European Blessed Family Department.

In total 32 people attended, including Blessed Couples and future 1º Gen matching candidates. We receive very valuable educational content, including topics as “Good Communication”, Marriage and Blessing in the Completed Testament Age, “Love and Respect”, “Our Tradition as Unificationist”, and more.

We had a lot of sharing, and Franz and Patrizia share their deepest heart to create a family atmosphere and the awareness that we are God’s children, God’s family, and that God has so much hope in us. This weekend was very moving experience for all of us; it felt like a revival and a new start. Franz challenges us to talk openly to people about God, His Love and Grace, “do not put God in the closet; God wants to reach others through you”, Franz said.

The sharing and family evening time on Saturday night was a mysterious and magical moment. We sang together as a family, feeling close to one another. Then we share about Jesus’ presence during the day, and Franz started talking as if he were connected with Jesus’ heart and wanting to convey deep words of love and appreciation to all present; we felt loved and embraced, as if all the barriers were dissolved, feeling as one heart. This moment was felt as if our Heavenly Parent were telling us, “You see my children? When you are one in my love, I AM there, in your midst”, and WITH ME, you can do all things! No doubt our Heavenly Parent was present and we felt it. Tears were running on the faces of brothers and sisters, but they were tears of gratitude, of closeness to God, with the desire to hold Him tightly, telling Him, “I love you, we will never abandon you, count on us to reach your children, we are your family and they are my family”. Thank you Heavenly Parent, thanks Franz and Patrizia!

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