Slovakia: A Cross-Border HARP Workshop

By Laurenc Klas, FFWPU Slovakia

Circle of Life” is more than just the title of the famous song from the Disney movie “The Lion King”. It can be found in the relationship between True Parents and Blessed Children, as they exist thanks to True Parents and in return, they bring joy to them when following the path they started.

Based on this topic, in cooperation with members of the Hungarian HARP team, Slovak HARP organized an international workshop for HARP members from both countries from October 4 to 6, 2019 in Dunajská Lužná, Slovakia. About 20 participants from Slovakia, Hungary and also Austria gathered at the Slovak workshop center in Lužná.

The lectures followed a circle; the content was split up into three sessions that focused on the “origins”, the “value” and the “purpose” of Blessed Children. We started with our origins, True Parents, and their contribution to our lives. Throughout the lecture, which was given by our elder sister, Jeong-Hye Yeom, participants could hear more about the importance of True Parents and their life course, discovering the reality of God’s heart and realizing His dream on Earth. After that, our elder brother, Martin Alexy gave guidance on the value of a Blessed Child. The content focused on how we can realize our value and thus treasure it, touching on the lifestyle of purity. Finally, we closed the circle coming back to True Parents in the final lecture session by Jeong-Hye. By sharing her heart and experience we could all deeply feel the real excitement of attending our True Parents through living a life with a purpose.

Apart from lectures in the morning we could also listen to two heartful testimonies in the evening of our second day. Our workshop mother, Janja Rybarova spoke from the perspective of a first generation member about coming into contact with the Divine Principle and choosing the path of following True Parents. Then one of our MC’s, Sandra Skrodzki shared about building up a close relationship to True Parents from the viewpoint of a second generation member born into a Blessed Family. The two testimonies were later followed by a prayer/reflection time.

The workshop schedule did not just offer deep content, but it was rich with fun and meaningful activities. Participants and staff could enjoy together an afternoon filled with indoor games and sharing activities. A small service project took place as well, where quite a contribution was made to make the workshop site in Lužná a nicer home for future gatherings.

The workshop schedule consisted of only one full day, but still, the atmosphere was always high and it was a joyful time that we could spend together. To everyone who contributed, be it by taking responsibility as a staff member or team leader, or by joining as participant travelling far for just one weekend: Thank you very much!

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