Russia: Energy of Intimacy Workshop in Yekaterinburg

By Andrey Burashnov, FFWPU Ural Region

On November 2-3, a seminar entitled as “Energy of Intimacy” on conjugal relationships was held in Yekaterinburg with Alexander Kosarev as a lecturer. About 25 people took part in it (sometimes spouses took turns taking care of children and not everyone could come for two days in a row). The seminar was very practical and understandable to both believers and unbelievers. My wife and I decided to practice one item from what we heard. We talked about our desires, which we have not talked about for years, and an amazing thing happened – a serious rethinking of our relations and going up to a new level of matrimony. This is unbelievable!

This must be told to all young families immediately after a 3-day ceremony. Usually, after starting families, brothers and sisters do not know how to behave properly. They do not want to live like their parents: they want to live in a new way, but they do not know how to build a heavenly relationship. And both begin insisting, “I am Cain, you are Abel! Gain a natural surrender.” Or we begin to live as our parents, but not as True Parents.

If at the very beginning of family relations we knew and practiced our knowledge gained at the seminar, the Unification Movement would be completely different in quality and scale. It is necessary to take part in the seminar of Alexander Kosarev and practice the knowledge gained there. This is especially true for young families who believe in elders, but for us it is still not too late. This information can easily be shared with previously married couples (PMC).

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  1. Matthias Wiesner says:

    Can we get more information about this seminar from Alexander Kosarev?

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