Romanian: One-Day Divine Principle Workshop for the Youth

Prepared by CARP Romania

Romanian CARP organized a first one-day Divine Principle workshop of this semester in October 11, 2019.! We were so happy to receive young people who are interested about life and curious about Divine Principle.

All the guests who participated in this workshop already had listened to the Introduction to Divine Principle and done one-on-one Divine Principle study or else attended our Open Hoon Dok Hwe event. We could feel their strong desire to find out more about Principle from the beginning until the end.

The contents of Divine Principle lectures were the Principle of Creation, Sections 1, 2, 3; the Human Fall, Section 1; and Introduction to Restoration. After each lecture we had discussion time by pairs, centered on questions that were given by the lecturer. Each lecture had important messages, so the participants were asking questions during the discussion time. It was a meaningful time to discuss the Divine Principle with new guests because the more we share, the more we feel the power of the truth.

After the lectures we had lunch which CARP members had prepared. Then we had teamwork activities. This time it was “Photo Missions.” Each team received a subject to photograph, and they needed to discuss how to take the best photos with that subject. We then went outdoors to take photos using our creativity. It was a nice time in which to learn more about each other, and we could feel like real brothers and sisters.

We will continue doing Divine Principle study with our guests to find the way of true happiness which Heavenly Parent desires for all of us. We know that only understanding and practicing the word of truth can make this possible!

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