Romania: Asian Cultural Night

Prepared by CARP Romania

  • “It was a very special event!”
  • “I’ve never before experienced such a beautiful cultural event!”

We were so happy to hear the satisfied voices from the guests who participated in the Asian Culture Night hosted by Romanian CARP on October 11, 2019

This event was organized by the young members of the Global Missionary Program (GMP). The preparations started one month ago, and the three missionaries put a lot of Jeongseong into preparing the program, decorations and food! This month CARP focused on inviting many young Romanians to this event in order to introduce them to CARP activities. In the end 44 new guests participated in this event.

The program started with the guests being invited to try on traditional Korean and Japanese clothing, sample Korean and Japanese food, and enjoy the cultural displays.

All the participants enjoyed wearing the traditional clothes and taking photos in the “photo zone,” which we had specially decorated!

We were so happy to see many young people positively participating in our event, and we believe this is the starting point for them to come to future CARP activities.

We will continue CARP activities with a sincere heart so that one day these young people can listen to the words of truth and realize the meaning and value of their lives. And we can offer hope and joy for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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