Norway: Family Festival and Blessing

By Jane Toresen, FFWPU Norway

We organized a Family Festival and Blessing on Saturday 12th October 2019. The event started with fun games for families and children so that everyone could get to know each other. National Leader, Steinar Murud, gave an inspiring presentation on the value of the family. This was followed by a Holy Wine ceremony and Blessing officiated by Steinar and his wife, Marinette. Next there was an interview with a 2nd gen Blessed couple – Alexander and Yun-a Johansen – who shared about the meaning of the Blessing for their couple. There were also craft activities based on the theme “I love my family” for all children who attended the festival.

The event concluded with a delicious Asian dinner followed by coffee, cake and fruit. We also had a lottery and, amazingly, all the guests who came received a prize!

The next day we had a follow-up Blessing Ceremony for one couple who could not attend the main event. So altogether two longstanding Peace Ambassador couples received the Blessing plus one family and one individual – a total of eight guests.

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