Israel: Reflections from the CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Israel

We held a two day Special CheonBo Event in Israel on November 15 and 16, 2019 which was held at  Hacienda Forestview Hotel in Tarshiha. We had 143 participants.


Ashley Crosthwaite: Dear True Mother! thanks for sending the heavenly CheonBo team to Israel. After 6000years of providence you  showed how Heaven  loves the holy land despite everything. A few of us felt strongly Heaven calling us from UK, Germany and several others, to represent Heavenly Europe in Israel. Amongst such warm heart so much  grace the nation has received something stood out for me…as the professor and Madame Glaubach offered flowers to our True Parents and Heavenly Parent on behalf of the nation Jesus, his followers, Moses and countless of the righteous men and women of faith were kneeling and humbly shedding tears…not of sorrow as before but of joy and gratitude…they are so truly grateful to Heaven for all the love you have poured out tirelessly investing your heart and determined to support the brothers and sisters on earth to heal the nation. True Mother, we have not the words to express the thanks …don’t worry too much about Israel; now that you have given us rebirth Israel will fulfill it’s destiny for the healing of the nations.

Mrs. Muna Najam, Islam: The chanyang is a new thing for me. It is the first time I see this kind of thing. It is very moving and heartwarming. In the session – I felt a relieve of a pressure I have carried with me. I got emotional and cried – as I thought about my parents who have passed away. I felt as the souls of all of us are united, and it made me feel very uplifted and exited in all parts of my body. From the lectures and sessions, we could realize how much hard work was invested by True Parents. The wide concept of True Parents is very powerful and moving. The atmosphere is peaceful and friendship among everyone. Also it is very well organized. We are all human being under one God, and I pray that it will spread all around the world.

Mrs. Mundi, Druze: I have always loved God. I am very moved from being here and all tears and chills. I look in the eyes of True Mother and want to hug her, but I cannot. I feel that True Mother is directing my way to be closer to God and to strengthen my faith. The Workshop brought a transformation for me: before the workshop I was locked I the frames that God is only for the Druze, but now I know that God is for everyone regardless of which religion. I feel as we are all brothers and sisters and feel internal deep excitement so strong that I want to jump up from the chair. I want to look at True Mother in her eyes and tell about it to everyone. I love True Mother even though I never met her. She is like a prophet to me and she connects me to God. True Mother gathered us from all over the world and united us as one family. God is a grandfather and his children are true parents. I feel that True Parents are the parents of all of us. When I looked at the picture of True Parents I felt God’s light and blessing. I felt that God is asking me to cherish True Mother in my heart, as if God is telling me: True Mother is my shining light that I sent to you.

Dieter Schmidt, Sub Regional Leader of Central Europe: When I heard about the Cheonbo event in Israel I felt immediately I have to participate and help to liberate Jewish ancestors who had died through the Holocaust. Over the last 70 years Germany had tried hard to pay indemnity for the indescribable suffering of the Jewish people caused by German Nazis. This indemnity, however, did not set the Jewish people free in the spirit world. This can only be done through the grace and power of our True Parents and the CheonBo event. These were my thoughts before I came to Israel as a representative of our German Movement. When we installed the Prayer room this morning with Rev. In Pyo Moon, I had a deep experience with Jesus Christ.  I felt his deep sorrow that after 2000 years after he offered his life for our failure there is still suffering and war in his home country. The peace which Jesus tried to bring seems further away than ever. Just in this week over 80 rockets for fired. I wanted to console Jesus and started to cry.

Today I heard from Vice President Lee that this is the smallest CheonBo which ever took place; however True Mother had sent 5 brothers of the CheonBo Korea to support this event, because True Mother more than anyone else knows, how significant this CheonBo event is! We all are so grateful that True Mother is given this special grace to this region! When we did the Chanyang Yeoksa I could do Yeoksa to several Israeli People. I prayed in deep repentance and tried to give as much love as possible to our Israeli participants. In this moment I saw scenes from the concentration camp where suddenly the prisoners stood up and could leave the concentration camp and left their prisoners cloth behind. It was such a liberating feeling! Then I had to think of those Germans who were in charge of the concentration camps. I could feel their hearts were in total prison and I started to pray to repent for them. Only through repentance they would be able to separate themselves from the satanic invasion of their heart and mind. And suddenly I saw in the distance how a prisoner and a guard were embracing each other and cried and cried. I thought, if our Cheonbo events can heal the deepest hell then nothing can stop heaven and our True Parents to build the everlasting world of Peace of Cheon Il Guk. I am so grateful that True Mother sent the Korean CheonBo team to Israel, because now Israel, Palästina and all surrounding nations will be even more in the prayers which will be offered in CheonBo Korea. Vice-President Lee gave a very encouraging message and we all feel so much more close to each other. In deepest gratitude

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