Ireland: Peace Road 2019

By Colm Ó Cionnaith, UPF Ireland

DOWNPATRICK, Co. Down, “The Home of Saint Patrick” – a Briton who became Ireland’s most revered and patron saint, was the venue for the 4th annual UPF Ireland Peace Road Walk and 2nd annual Forum on Sunday, 22nd September, 2019.

The morning’s events in the picturesque Ulster town commenced as interfaith ‘pilgrims’ arrived from the four provinces of Ireland, braving their way through stormy conditions and made their way up the short hilly walk of Slieve Patrick, just outside Downpatrick. The Heaven’s smiled as dark rain clouds receded to a beautiful soft mist and on reaching the summit, participants were treated to a breath-taking view of the region, with Strangford loch visible through the encroaching mist, as well as views of the Isle of Man and Carlingford in Co. Louth, in the Republic (the location of the previous years’ Peace Road Forum).

Keener eyes might have even been able to spot the coastline of Scotland if they had focused a little harder on the majestic horizon! It is easy to see how a future bridge or tunnel could connect the nearby Donaghadee to Scotland if the will and the finances could be found to extend Rev.

Moon’s vision of the World Highway ‘Peace Road’ to our island and no doubt bring great prosperity and trade to the region and to our celtic cousins, Scotland….

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