Inauguration of Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace

By Dr. Thomas Hwang

Inauguration of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace in Tokyo took place on October 19, 2019, with the full support and cooperation of FFWPU Japan.

We are filled with thankfulness and happiness. we want to send my appreciation to President Tokuno of FFWPU Japan, for accompanying Rev. Bang Sang Il and fully supporting and cooperating with us on launching the CPFWP.  We felt a very strong love emitting from Chinese-Japanese couples and families, and we are confident that they can overcome future encounters and stand as winners. In addition, we felt strongly that a day would come when the tension between China and Japan would be resolved through the love of Chinese-Japanese families. We are so delighted and grateful.

Although not so many Chinese leaders could attend the event because of the high political tensions, a cousin of Soon Ching Ling (wife of Dr. Sun Yat-sun and a representative from Soon Ching Ling Foundation, a foundation that sponsored cultural entertainment program of Little Angels welcomed by the audience in Qingdao) and the former ambassador of Cambodia, with friends, were able to participate to congratulate the event.

About 30 people from the Chinese-Japanese couples, who returned to Japan after receiving the Blessings in Taiwan, brightened the future journey of the CPFWP with their warm and enthusiastic hearts. The elegant inaugural event was attended by Chinese families, dressed up in red and gold in their beautiful Chinese traditional costumes.

The event was a great success, led by great leaders and FFWPU members, including Imamura and her husband acting as the emcees for the event. Imamura has been putting her efforts at a Chinese-Japanese church in Japan, as a mother of the church. In addition, the event was attended by Rev. Yamaoka and his wife, those who spent 40 years as missionaries in Taiwan and China, and Rev. Yamaoka who educated CARP missionary leaders for over 30 years.

There were members who flew for two hours from Kagoshima, the southernmost city in Japan, and there were members who came from Shikoku by bus which took over nine hours to get to the event.

At the event we emphasized that China, Japan and Korea, the three Asian countries with strong family values rooted in their cultures, should take the lead in building a new civilization, centered on the absolute values of the family, in the 21st century. 

A news reporter from Taiwan who was impressed by the works of the CPFWP, published a report with a grandeur and uplifted reputation of the CPFWP.

Soon, we will be able to experience all the Chinese people in the world joining their efforts as they hear fanfare by the march of the CPFWP.

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