Dominican Republic: Youth Festival for Peace

Prepared by YSP Dominican Republic

On November 14, 2019, YSP Dominican Republic conducted a Youth Festival for Peace with the theme; Peace starts with me”. The purpose of this event was to create a culture of peace and set a model in creating a better environment inside the school in University.

Our participants included 903 students (238 6th grade from 3 high schools and 665 university student of UASD), 1 director and 2 sub-directors with 8 teachers from 3 high schools, 10 Professors sub-director and directors of the university of UASD. Also, we had five VIPs including Ing. Cesar Moya Assistant of the Senator in Santiago, Atty. Alcedo Magarín Prosecutor’s Attorney assigned to the National Dispute Resolution System of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, Mr. Matthias Weisner the Administrative General of Union College and Jose Henriquez the director of UASD University.

The program conducted in three parts. At first, the Japanese Top Gun missionaries prepared a presentation about Japan. Followed by a lecture on how the students can help in creating peace. On the main part, VIP’s gave their speeches and gratitude to all the organizers of the program. 

Our VIP participants were very inspired to see young people initiating the work for Peace. On the main part, Jake Lavina President of YSP-DR shared his vision about the future of YSP in our country. He emphasized the importance of establishing a better environment inside the schools and university as well as the education of the heart. He encourages all the directors, professors and students to work together in establishing the culture of peace inside the school.

Samuel Linhares, the President of YSP Latin America shared the vision, mission and objectives of YSP. He emphasized the value of inhering the filial heart and the 4 types of love that people should learn.

The last part of the program was focusing on the presentation and giving the certificate of Ambassador for Peace to exemplary students and leaders. Participants were so inspired and happy to be part of this event. The directors of the schools and university were very pleased to collaborate with us on this occasion. This program gave hope to all the participants and opens the door for peace by uniting as one.

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