Cote d’ivoire: Smile for Peace

Prepared by YSP Cote d’ivoire

Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Sylvie Fofana, our Ambassador of peace and YSP Cote d’ivoire, we organized a and education and service program for the pregnant women on November 14 and 15, 2019 at the Agban- Village (Attécoubé) under the theme “Smile for Peace”.  Good people supporting this event were Mensah Marie Laurence Mayor of Attiegouakro, Mr. Djoma Claude PCA of the Maternity, His Excellency Yaboudjro henock Ambassador of Peace, Sylvie Fofana Ambassador of Peace, Mrs. Fonde Midwife Major and Mr. Brou Konan Jean, Marie President of YSP-CI and the medical staff and 20 members of YSP Cote d’ivoire.

We went to bring smiles to our mothers and to help them to learn about the medical field. Mrs. Fode gave a presentation on pregnancy, from the first day to delivery. And then, we were able to offer several gifts which we have received as the donation from different personalities and organizations to our mothers. All the participants were grateful for the program.

This was the fifth peace project as the “peace begins with me” which the first one launched on June 30, 2019.

YSP Cote d’ivoire is grateful to all the people who contributed their heart of love with their gifts from near or far, this magnificent day possible which will remain forever in our hearts.

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