Brazil: True Love Day Youth Ministry Annual Workshop

Prepared by YSP Brazil

On November 15 to 17, 2019, a hundred and fifty young adults and young blessed couples (1st and 2nd generation,and guests) from seven different Brazilian states gathered at Sorocaba World Sports Center’s beautiful facilities for the VIII True Love Day Youth Ministry Annual Workshop which was a three-day of powerful lectures, worship, prayer, fun and sharing time.

Particiapnts were guided and nurtured through the lectures given by Rev. Koichi Sasaki & Ms. Onan (President of FFWPU Brazil & wife), Pr. Hideo Matsura (Vice-president of YSP Brazil), Mr. Danilo Correa (General secretary of YSP Brazil), Pr. Simão Ferabolli (UPF continental director), several local pastors and youth leaders.

It was a great opportunity for the participants to be reminded of Heavenly Parent and True Parent’s infinite love and hope for them and to renew their determination in doing their best to become a channel of Heavenly Parent’s blessing in their families, work or study environment and inside our church community.

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