Brazil: First CAUSA Seminar

Prepared by CARP Brazil

On October 30, 2019, CARP Brasil, with the support of Full Time young members and São Paulo Headquarters, held its first CAUSA seminar at the University of São Paulo (USP), the most prestigious university in Latin America, under the theme: “The Progress of Society and Its Developments – New Perspectives for the Future. ” We had around 54 participants including University students and professors.

We had a lecture about CAUSA (Victory Over Communism) and Unification Thought, which was given by a by the CARP member of the same university.

At the end of the lecture, we had a very good interaction atmosphere between students and professors, thus establishing a foundation for a new beginning in the history of CARP Brazil. As a result of the event, we got new university student guests for a CAUSA study group on campus which we are going to begin next week.

This initiative on campus gave a exciting hope to CARP students and young members to support True Parents in the restoration of Brazil and the victory of vision 2020.

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