Bolivia: CheonBo Special Event 2019

Prepared by FFWPU Bolivia

‏Thank to our True Mother for all her effort for the victory of 2020 vision. Here in Bolivia (Sub Region 3 of heavenly Latin America) we all wish and deeply want to join her with all our heart and mind.

Although the situation in Bolivia was not so pleasant, because of the current political conflicts, especially because of tension over handling of the national elections, we were wondering if we should be carrying out the special CheonBo seminar or not. But finally we have decided to go ahead and hold the event with all the risk it might have.

With the great preparation by CheonBo team days before the event, we were able to hold the event on October 26 and 27, 2019. It was magical that with great faith and devotion, and the teamwork and investment of the members we were able to prepare it all one night before the event.

unfortunately, members and blessed families from the Santa Cruz regional headquarters could not come, because there were no open roads. Only representatives arrived by air.

This event took place at the Don Bosco retirement home, Colcapirua Cochabamba, with participation of  292 members and families. At this event about 70 blessed members and families managed to complete the liberation and blessing of the 430 generations of ancestors.

There were also some new people who participated in the seminar for the first time were interested in the liberation of their ancestors. Among participants we also had the national leaders of Chile and Ecuador, and some of our brothers and sister from Peru.

The CheonBo special workshop here in Bolivia was a great grace and blessing from our beloeved True Mother to liberate our people and our nation. We are grateful to CheonBo team for their great work, hoping to have the chance to see them again in our nation.


Mr. Edgardo Hernandez national leader of Chile: when I arrived at the Alto airport I felt very strongly in my heart the presence of my wife Orathai, immediately my tears ran on my cheeks and when I arrived in Cochabamba, Brother Jacob came to pick me up in Moto to the airport to go to the headquarters, due to the social situation that was happening in Bolivia; I realized that it was a great blessing to be part of this event.

Thanks to the liberation of our Ancestors, I could understand two great episodes in my life. The period before joining our movement when I joined the military service in Chile from the age 21 to 23 and second the period before my wife went to the spirit world.

At the end of Ancestors’ liberation, in the prayer room, I felt a strong feeling of repentance for all my ancestors who fought in the Pacific war and killed and expelled many Bolivian brothers, I could not stop my tears. I wish to express my love to the brothers and sisters in Bolivia specially I was so happy to meet Pastor Fredy. When we hugged each other we couldn’t stop crying, I felt so relieved to receive his love and in a sense his forgiveness for all the damage my ancestors caused to all of people in Bolivia.

I arrived in Bolivia in 1993 in the city of Santa Cruz, with only two Bolivian brothers; Fredy, Enriques and his wife Maria from Brazil.

On March 16 being my birthday, I found my wife lying in the armchair with a strong headache for 8 days. She had many experiences with the spiritual world, one day when I visited her at the clinic in the city of Paz, she told me about the experience she had during the night. She told me that while she was sleeping many Bolivian ancestors approached her bed and she could feel so much hatred and anger that they came out of their faces. She was sleeping with the picture of the True Parents and Bolivian ancestors were pushing to take it off her chest but she did not let the True Parents’ picture go.

Also one morning while I was leaving the clinic, she told me that the wife of the Korean National Messiah the Rev. Yu who had ascended to the spiritual world years ago in Korea sat down in his bed and talked to her.

In the early hours of March 23, 1997, while many Bolivian ancestors feel so angry at having lost their territory because of Chileans, my beloved wife Orathai Tamungrugsat ascended to the spiritual world. I have always wondered why it was not me who should go the way of death specially because I am a Chilean descendant but instead my wife from Thailand, had to walk that path. I will continue to love my wife for her sacrifice. I believe loving our spiritual children and saving others is the great gift that we will take to the spiritual world which was a wonderful word that Mrs. Hilda Claros told us.

At the Ancestors’ Blessing I realized so deeply that only through the Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ blessing does the solution of forgiveness and Blessing for all mankind will be possible.During the two days I was able to share with some brothers and sisters at lunchtime I was able to meet two young brothers from the city of Oruro, 16 and 17 years old, I saw so many Blessed families with their relatives and spiritual children with whom I could share.

I can say that we have been so fortunate to have had our mission in Bolivia together with my wife Orathai, also to receive the birth of our only son Chung Nam in 1995. At the same time, I feel a great hope and a very deep true love for Latin America. I am grateful for all the foundation established by our beloved True Parents and all the great hard work of all our brothers and sister all the pastors and leaders who are united with our regional leader Rev. Lee.  I deeply wish and pray for the great victory in this nation and our region.  Aju and Oek mansei.

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