Albania: YSP Event

By Antto and Jeong-hye Hassinen, YSP EUME

This YSP rally in Albania on October 26, 2019 was the first international youth rally for peace with this scale in Albanian History. It was a great success. The venue, the congress hall was completely full and some youth were even standing because there were not enough seats. More than 2000 youth and students came. Around 80% was outside people. We felt True Mother’s love toward the Albanian people and youth through the result of this YSP rally.

Especially through S!NERGY around 50 teams of high school and University students applied to present their peace projects. Leaders of YSP Albania selected 5 teams of high school students and 3 students of university and they gave good speeches after being coached by us in their presentation skills.

Many high school students and teachers came to cheer for the presenter of their school. The teachers and students of the winning team were so excited that they shed tears. Through this event YSP could also make a relationship with Albania University and the city of Tirana. The vice mayor of Tirana, the capital of Albania, came as representative of the mayor and gave a speech.

The YSP Leader of Albania, Majlinda Ziko, did great job to organize and prepare this event. As MC of the event she also guided everyone through the program with passion and inspiration. The international president of YSP, Koji Matsuda, gave a wonderful key address and through his powerful speech empowered the young people in the hall.

YSP director of EUME, Jeong-hye Yeom with her husband Antto Hassinen gave an introduction about YSP and S!NERGY. Mrs. Yeom shared about YSP’s vision and hope in Albanian language and the audience was so happy to hear it that they opened their heart. The young people were also inspired to see a couple together on stage.

After performances from famous Albanian singers the audience was guided outside to join Peace Road. They were so excited to be able to substantially contribute through riding bikes and marching for Peace. Right after arriving at the final destination it became dark outside and the participants sent lanterns to heaven with their wishes for peace. It was truly beautiful.

After the event one professor came to the staff with her students and she was so moved by the event. She asked YSP to come to her school and coach all students so we plan to go there and do Peace Designer seminar for all students.

Truly YSP has heavenly fortune to reach out to governments, schools and a lot of youth and students because True Mother established it. Through this event, YSP became a very important organization in Albania and many youth and students want to join its activities.

YSP was launched by True Mother to make 2nd gen to go to the frontline to restore nations. She recently said that CARP is the mind and YSP is the body and therefore CARP and YSP should be united.

Albanian CARP youth, European STF, Korean CARP members, Japanese youth missionaries and Russian youth did a great job. Before the YSP rally they contributed through mobilization where the Albanian city leaders invited many youth in their cities and the missionaries invited 600 people to the event every day. At the event everyone contributed by dancing Mujokkon and Mirobuchyo as well as serving as staff. They were so happy to work in the frontline for national restoration.

During Victory Celebration, True Mother specifically mentioned how happy she was with the efforts of the young people! For sure, this rally would not have been what it was without the input of each youth volunteer.

The same way, the role of every young person will for sure be crucial in the further development of YSP in Europe and Middle East. In Heaven and True Parents’ eyes this rally was certainly not the end but the beginning of the YSP work in our region. It was clear what amazing potential YSP has in the substantial restoration of the youth and thus the whole nation.

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