A Bold Lady Evangelist – Part 3

Mrs. Youn Il-soon

In I956, Youn Il-soon joined the Unification Church. Most of her extended family had already become members, but Miss Youn still belonged to the Methodist Church. For many months, she observed her family members and the Unification Church’s activities, even informing her own church about what she saw and heard. Finally, after a desperate internal struggle, she abandoned the fiancé whom her uncle had selected for her, and on the date of her intended wedding, she committee herself to the Unification Church.

This is her story.

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Working as a Baker

After I changed my parents-in-laws’ misconception about me and about our church, my son and I left for Daejeon, where my husband was waiting for me. Father had named our son Yong-sam.

It was always hard financially, so I started to sell bread. As I baked the bread I would pray. “May those who eat this bread be blessed by God.”

One day a person came to me to confess that he had once stolen some of my bread. After that, for reasons he didn’t understand, he felt like repenting for what he had done and started going to church. Apart from this man, many people became connected with me through my bread sales.

I became pregnant with a second baby. The church was growing day by day. More people came and their faith became stronger and deeper. Finally, I gave birth to another son, whom Father named Young-seuing. Before Young-seuing was one month old, my husband was called to the army, because of a mistake with the army papers.

So I went pioneering to Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province. There I found one family who, after they heard the lectures, wanted to join. They were worrying about creating a church. I prayed very hard, and many brothers and sisters joined and we easily built a church building.

Preaching as I Nursed My Infant Child

One problem I had was that my baby cried whenever lecture time came. I tried to appease him but without success, so I had to preach while nursing my six-month old baby. Where can you find a preacher who gives a lecture while nursing a baby with his mother’s milk? Nevertheless, all of the family members there remember receiving lots of grace through me.

I realized how hard Heavenly Father was working at this emergency time when I saw the spiritual phenomena happening around me. More members were joining the church, and its foundation was becoming stronger and firmer. I picked out some smart young men and sent them to a workshop. After they returned from the workshop I sent them out for pioneer experiences to allow them to grow. They obeyed me as completely as a baby does his mother! Now they are all grown up and most of them are blessed. Some of them are center directors, and others are working for companies or went abroad as missionaries.

In the meantime, my husband finished his service in the army and I came back home, so I left my leadership position for another to fill.

The Blessed Wives Mission of 1970

It was 1970, a significant year in God’s providence. The church headquarters ordered all blessed wives to go out and preach. We started out for our new locations in groups of ten. We left any children who were more than 100 days old at home. I went to Hwacheon in Gangwon Province as the 65th team captain. We were supposed to spend three years serving in a public life, preaching the Principle to the people.

After I finished packing my bags, I explained to all my children why I had to leave from home. My older son understood but persuading my littlest boy wasn’t easy at all. He did not want me to leave him. “Your mother is leaving to follow Heavenly Father’s will and True Parents’ direction to save the lives of all people. So, in order that we can follow True Parents well, you shouldn’t try to see your mother for a while,” I said tenderly. Then, asking their grandmother to take care of them, I left my home.

After I arrived in Hwacheon, I met members who had left babies less than 100 days old at home. Their breasts were swollen every night. I bought a milk squeezer and squeezed milk from their breasts with it every day. No one can make mothers separate from babies less than 100 days old! Since we knew God’s painful heart, we came here without complaint, letting grandmothers or husbands look after our children.

Every time I squeezed milk from these mothers’ breasts, I prayed, “Heavenly Father please give us courage, great faith and wisdom. We left babies less than 100 days at home.” Then tears would be about to come. But I couldn’t shed tears, thinking that if I cried, the babies’ mothers would create a sea with their tears. When I longed to see my own children, I thought of our True Parents who were working so hard without being able to care for their children for the sake of the Korean people and for this world.

We began to work to restore the number 40 by having 10 members fast, each for 4 days. Because Moses, Jesus and True Father also fasted for 40 days, we wanted to imitate their example. We also went to the Holy Ground early in the morning to pray. Visiting each village, I gave lectures to counter the communist ideology.

Our situation was much better than it had been, because headquarters provided us with living expenses. I finished my mission of three years in comparatively good circumstances and came back home.

After three years of blessed wives’ pioneering life, True Parents gave another direction to preach to 100 homes. I started with fasting, then made a plan, picked out a name list and prayed. Finally, the time came to visit people. But because it was strange to visit people suddenly without having been acquainted with them, I decided to sell basic necessities, which I had bought with the money I had received on Hyo Jin Nim’s birthday.

“King of Kings, my Lord, Heavenly Father, to preach to people I am going to sell things. Please work through these things and catch people’s hearts,” I prayed. I sold them without profit door to door. The people responded, pleased that the prices were so low. This way I visited people as usual and said hello to them whether they bought my things or not. Naturally, I became very close to the people.

After 100 days, I brought them the Divine Principle and the Bible instead of things to sell, and appeared as a preacher giving God’s Word. People who were touched by the grace of God became members one by one.

Not Seeking Comfort

I have a ten-year plan. My faith is that if I do my best, making effort and praying hard, anyone can become a member of our family. This is my conclusion from my experience. To witness to one person, I always prayed and fasted for three days. Then the spirit world showed me and taught by inspiration how to achieve my goal.

Because True Father was so anxious to realize God’s will, I did not want to be comfortable by myself. Father once said, “To save one life is to guide a person to God’s dominion. Therefore, you cannot witness to people without dedicating more effort than Satan. It means you should give up anything you value without hesitation.”

I have always kept these words in mind and struggled to actualize them. However, there were some people impossible to bring as I wanted, despite my best effort. I thought, “He must already be blessed too much to accept another blessing.” But Heavenly Father guided me to another person, in a different way. I realized that the prize of our sweat and tears can never be stolen.


Once my younger sister sought to get married in the outside world. Nothing was effective at all in trying to persuade her to change her mind. It was so painful and sorrowful to think of her destiny in the future. It was unimaginable that my younger sister, who had passed through all the trials in pioneer life and in church life, could marry somebody from fallen society. After much consideration, I prayed, crying out, “Heavenly Father, a life may be lost to the temptation of Satan. Please give my sister strong faith and let her pass this test imposed by the evil spirit world.”

To my sister’s question, wondering what was happening and who had died at home, I answered, sorrowfully, “You are dead so I’m going to bury you.” Then she finally understood what I meant and, weeping, asked for forgiveness. At that moment, a voice sounded from Heaven, “This was more painful than when I gave birth to you.”

After this event, my younger sister was blessed as one of the 430 couples. I realized how hard God works to save even one life. From this I learned that it was possible to restore a person only with blood, sweat, and tears.

With this attitude of mind, in 1976, I brought eighteen lost people back to God. I am trying to restore more people than that now. Since I have devoted myself all of my life to God’s work, wherever He goes, I will follow, and whatever He asks of me, I will do.

This testimony was first published in the early 1980s.

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  1. Floramie V Comendador Paudel says:

    Warm Greetings and Namaste. While reading this my tears overflowed. Thank you so much for your tireless dedication for God’s providence . I pray that you and your family members at present will always received bountiful blessing from Heavenly Parent . At the same time your letter of testimony cam give life , inspiration and courage to those who struggle to fight internally the battle between Satan, temptation and life’s most challenging nurturing my life of faith to never give up giving you and happiness to Heavenly Parent and True Parent . This cam saved many blessed wives to keep their faith alive, stronger and deeper. I will and I am constantly praying and making sincere jungsung for our Beloved True Mothers speaking tour. I wish and pray for TM safety , protection and great success wherever She goes. I will remain grateful and faithful looking up to Her standard makes me inspired and will do so in my own strength of course along with the group of Blessed wives from Nepal to pour all our energy praying and supporting our region for its success and finally offer to Heavenly Parent and True Parent. I really wish that we can invite Our Beloved True Mother in South Asia in the future sooner . We have no time to waste . We are willing and ready to work hard. We love You True Mother. I will absolutely ujite with this condition and will not fail to execute starting from myself with absukye faith, love and obedience centring on making God and True Parents happy . I will do my best to become victorious in this condition that lay a foundation of faith in our Sub Region 2 South Asia Region connecting True Parents heart by seriously doing this condition.
    Saranghamnida, Kamsahamnida Chamboumounim.

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